Alexa All Set to Unveil Its CRM Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

ConvergeHub All Set to Unveil Its CRM Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

Newark, California (PRWEB) March 26, 2013

ConvergeHub is to launch the beta version of Converge Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to focus on the growing market for small and medium enterprise CRM solutions. It aims to narrow the gap between supply and demand for complete customer management solution for small and medium enterprises.

ConvergeHub is a Cloud-based CRM solution that is designed keeping in mind the specific business CRM requirements of small and medium businesses. The company claims it to be the easiest and the simplest CRM ever developed. ConvergeHub offers comprehensive business solution to users by integrating all the advanced features of modern customer management tool but at the same time has eliminated issues arising from the complex nature of such interfaces. ‘We realized that small companies don’t want to spend fortune in organizing extensive training programs for CRM use. What they look for is a speedy solution that they can start using immediately. Over the years we have studied clients’ behavior before coming up with our product. ConvergeHub is a ready-to-use solution perfect for limited user business model.” – said Shampa Bagchi, CTO, ConvergeHub Inc.

Converge is a complete enterprise solution with advanced CRM features like email marketing, sales and work force automation, campaign management, POS integration, marketing automation, autoresponder, Voice, Fax and SMS Integration, document sharing and management etc. Company CEO, Mr. Manash Chaudhuri has shown astuteness in designing the product. According to him the business requirements for small organizations and large enterprises are alike. Both aim at improving sales and customer experience to increase profit. “So why compromise on CRM features when it comes to offer CRM for small businesses.” – He added.

“Big companies that offer small enterprise versions of their CRM business solutions often skip the innovation part. What they really offer is a stripped down version of the enterprise product. We have built Converge from the scratch keeping the specific needs of a small business in mind. But our product can perform astoundingly well even in large, multinational environment.” – supplied Chaudhuri.

Converge will be available for small and medium businesses across market verticals namely – law firms, consultants, professional services, real estate, banking, finance, insurance, merchant funding, investment banking, healthcare, retail, ecommerce, customer support, and more. It offers extensive customization options and flexibilities to make it befitting to a particular industry. Clients can take advantage of their free trial scheme to test drive Converge CRM to assess its suitability and performance in their business environment.

At the initial stage they will be offering 30 days free trial package and users can upgrade to premium mode once they are satisfied with its performance. “We understand that decision regarding CRM is crucial for any business and therefore we encourage users to take advantage of the thirty days free trial scheme before decision making. This is to help them identifying the nuances of Converge over available market solutions.”

When asked to comment upon his visions with Converge he said- “Years worth of researches and findings have been put forth in designing Converge. It is simple to use yet loaded with a suite of advanced features. We also have plans to come up with an apps store exclusively for Converge where users will be able to shop for their desired features to augment the performance of their CRM. I am particularly optimistic about its success and have extensive future plans to work on its betterment as changes in the business world will demand.”

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ConvergeHub is a CRM solution for small and medium businesses. It is an enterprise product targeted for SMEs. Developed by a Silicon Valley based company it is believed to deliver complete business solution to users by integrating features like email integration, POS integration, Voice, Fax and SMS Integration, social media integration, document management etc. For more information contact: info(at)convergeenterprise(dot)com.

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