Alexa ConvergeHub Automates Lead Capturing and Accelerates Sales Process

ConvergeHub Automates Lead Capturing and Accelerates Sales Process with Web-to-lead Forms

San Francisco, NOVEMBER 17, 2016

Web-to-lead forms capture leads directly into ConvergeHub CRM. Leads get automatically assigned to the selected sales agent for instant follow-up action.

ConvergeHub today unveiled the all-new and improved Web-to-lead form feature, in its converged CRM platform. SMBs can use the sample web-to-lead form available in the CRM or can design their own, without writing a single line of code.

ConvergeHub provides a simple web form editor, where users just need to drag and drop the fields, specific to their requirements. In addition to the conventional fields such as First Name, Last Name, Email and Address, ‘Document’ field is also available that allows users to capture important files and collaterals through the web-to-lead forms.

During building the web form, SMBs can modify the font style of the fields, select the sales agent for the leads, specify landing page URL, change button name and put form description, success message and analytics code. Furthermore, they can preset certain values for all the leads.

These include Salutation, Lead Source, Status, Industry, Type, and Country and so on. Once created, the web form can be published in the website or anywhere else, using the Source Code, Embedded code or the live URL.

Leads generated through the web form get directly captured in ConvergeHub CRM and automatically assigned to the selected sales agent. As a best practice, the respective sales agent gets immediately notified about the captured marketing leads. If required, SMBs can also send notifications to the leads who have submitted the form, with the help of Assignment Rules.

Manash Chaudhuri, CEO of ConvergeHub said ”SMBs can capture potential customer information in the CRM with one step and speed up lead to opportunity conversion, using ConvergeHub’s integrated Web-to-lead form functionality.

It functions as a robust lead generation machine by transferring data directly into the CRM repository and assigning it to the right sales representative with immediate notification. As a result, data entry gets removed and sales agents get empowered to follow-up instantly with the captured marketing leads. They get a full view of the customer data in the CRM to personalize the engagement, win the trust and confidence of the prospects and close business quickly.

The compelling combination of web-to-lead functionality with CRM reduces data entry glitches, shortens sales cycle, increases marketing ROI, and improves conversion. Also, marketing initiatives get precisely analyzed and ROI of campaigns get accurately calculated. Truly a win-win for small businesses!”

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