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What makes ConvergeHub a better CRM?

Among all Salesforce alternatives, ConvergeHub’s all-in-one CRM outshines other with its integrated Marketing Automation, Email Campaigns, Contact Management, Web Engagement, and Rich Analytics.

Let us compare Salesforce and ConvergeHub in each segment to see how they perform:

Salesforce ConvergeHub
CRM Features
Timeline for setup Several Days Within a few hours
Marketing Automation
(More Advanced)
Ease of Access Moderate to Hard Extremely Simple
Pricing Starts at $75 per user/month Starts at $9 per user/month
Plans Yearly contract Quarterly or Yearly contract

Marketing Automation

Amongst all Salesforce alternatives, ConvergeHub pride itself for its unsurpassable marketing automation features in the CRM world. Moving ahead from traditional to cutting-edge technology ConvergeHub offers exhaustive features, to suit all the marketing needs of modern day small and medium businesses.

Salesforce CRM does not create real-time campaigns like ConvergeHub, it needs to integrate 3rd party software (like MailChimp etc.) to send the emails. With Salesforce, you can just enter the data, whereas with ConvergeHub you can launch your campaigns with ease, without the need for any other 3rd party software integrations, which provides a better value for adopting ConvergeHub for your businesses.

Our flagship features like multi-step campaigning, different campaign building tools, and automatic campaigning offer complete solution to campaign creation and campaign tracking needs.

Salesforce ConvergeHub
Multi-step Campaigns
Auto Responders
Automated Lead Scoring
Life-cycle & Drip Marketing
Behavior-Based Segmentation
Automatic Campaign Triggering

Hence, compared with ConvergeHub CRM, Salesforce offers limited and less powerful marketing automation capabilities.


ConvergeHub facilitates advanced emailing which helps in assessing your email campaign’s performance and appeal.

Moreover, Salesforce CRM does not provide you with predefined email campaign templates like ConvergeHub that can be easily added and modified as per your needs, for making your campaign creation procedure a breeze.

Salesforce ConvergeHub
Email Templates & Themes
(More Advanced)
Email Personalization

Analytics and Alerts

Getting real-time notifications help to act on your leads when they are hot. ConvergeHub aids in viewing who has viewed your emails and who has not. Hence, ConvergeHub makes you become aware of key signals based on pre-set conditions.

However, Salesforce offers email tracking only on its high-end enterprise versions, which most often becomes an expensive proposition to buy for small and medium businesses.

Salesforce ConvergeHub
Email Tracking
Email Open Notifications

Invoicing and Payment

ConvergeHub caters to both invoicing, and payment tracking capabilities. Moreover, we are constantly adding new and improved integrations for facilitating greater use of our CRM.

Salesforce ConvergeHub
Payment Tracking

Unqualified prospect management and Knowledge Base

ConvergeHub CRM makes your sales and marketing funnel work perfectly by dividing your database into suspect, prospects, and accounts. However, with Salesforce there is no prospect module, in their lead conversion list.

Moreover, Salesforce CRM is devoid of canned messages in its Knowledge Base, which can help account representatives reply to most asked questions, using pre-composed messages, which are kept recorded in the CRM database.

Salesforce ConvergeHub
Prospect Module
Canned Messages

Project Module and SalesProcess Management

ConvergeHub helps you to manage both small and large projects with the help of its Project Module, which can be only be availed at an additional price in Salesforce.

ConvergeHub also helps users with customization of their sales processes along with automated reminders so that users can create a checklist of actions necessary for conversions. Ensuring that leads never again fall through the crack.

Salesforce ConvergeHub
Project Module At an additional cost
Automated Reminders
Sales Process Management