Are you running email marketing campaigns the right way? Take a test in this Step-by-Step Guide

Email Campaign is the most commonly used marketing tool. But while almost every business uses it, very few gain the desired success out of it. Why? Reason is that most businesses are not fully aware of its fundamentals and thus, make mistakes while creating email campaigns from scratch. This blog covers the basic steps of bringing an email campaign to fruition. Read and incorporate the steps in your next email campaign.  Read More

Are you running email marketing campaigns the right way? Take a test in this Step-by-Step Guide



75% Businesses are making 6 critical Sales Mistakes...What about you??

In the Age of the Customer, selling is challenging. That's because customers are pampered with numerous options and are not under the mercy of a single product/service provider. For any business to soar high with its sales, it is important to follow a well-defined sales process, minus any error. In this blog, we talk about the 6 most common selling mistakes that businesses make and how can these blunders be rectified. Check out -  Read More




You have aimed to touch a new revenue figure in 2016, but how sales-ready are you??

Sales is tough. Period. But compared to the years back when selling just involved calling up customers and pitching products/services, today its beyond that. Businesses need to incorporate a set of prospecting tools, strategies and technologies in the arsenal. Then only can it lead to a strong framework which will help bring deals and increase the revenue numbers. This blog talks about those prospecting tools, strategies and technologies that any business needs to invest in.  Read More

Revenue figure



ConvergeHub introduces Email History View Status and Reply All & Forward functionalities within its converged CRM platform

After the successful integration of Lead Clipper and Round Robin assignment rule, ConvergeHub is back with the announcement of two new features. This time the focus is on improving the emailing experience. So ConvergeHub has gone ahead and added Email History View Status and Reply All & Forward functionalities within its converged CRM platform. Check what these are and how will they benefit small businesses while emailing from ConvergeHub.  Read More

ConvergeHub introduces Email History View Status and Reply All & Forward functionalities within its converged CRM platform



The base of excellent customer service: Consistency

The importance of customer service is known to all. However, in spite of this, not many are able to score high on this area. Reason being that most businesses are still not aware of the elements that differentiate a standard customer service from an excellent one. In this blog, we explain that one rare factor that elevates the level of customer service and empowers businesses to win the loyalty of their customers for lifetime.  Read More

Base Of Customer Service



ConvergeHub introduces Lead Clipper and Round Robin Assignment Rule within its cloud CRM platform

Small business owners are buried with multiple tasks of sales, marketing and customer service. They require a solution that simplifies their job and empowers them to work smart than slogging in for hours. ConvergeHub is a cloud based CRM platform that can run an entire business, serving as a complete business management operating system. Adding to its gamut of features are two new names called Lead Clipper and Round Robin assignment rule. Check what these are and what good news do they bring for all small businesses.  Read More



How to maximize your ROI in CRM investment?

It is observed that while a large number of businesses have adopted CRM, very few are actually successful in gaining benefit out of it. So what is it that makes one section of businesses experience CRM advantage and the other grapple with the software. To explain this in details, here is a blog that defines the six essential steps that any business needs to take to ensure a successful CRM investment.  Read More

How to maximize your ROI in CRM investment



Small Business Owners: Six New Year's Resolutions to keep you smoothly flowing in 2016

January is the traditional time for making new year's resolutions. And in experts' opinion it is the most crucial period for the small business owners. That is because small business owners who utilize this time to reflect upon their past performance; build plans for future and make new year's resolutions for their business realize greater success and growth in the upcoming months. While new year's resolutions for small business owners are present in galore, we have chosen the six best and most effective new year's resolutions that every small business owner should consider making.  Read More

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ConvergeHub chosen as one of Top 25 Marketing Automation Applications in GetRank Q3 2015

It is double celebration for ConvergeHub! After becoming the Community Choice Honoree at Small Business Influencer Awards, ConvergeHub has been ranked by Get App as one of the Top Marketing Automation Applications in 2015. Surprised? Shocked? How can a CRM be a marketing automation app too? Well, ConvergeHub users already know what makes this software excel at marketing automation. For others, read the blog and unlock the secret how ConvergeHub is qualified enough to make it to this coveted list.  Read More




Sync QuickBooks with ConvergeHub

CRM is the most common tool used by businesses for capturing and managing customer data. However for added benefit many entrepreneurs take the pain to pair their accounting software QuickBooks with CRM solution. ConvergeHub is a select software that offers seamless integration of QuickBooks within its CRM platform. ConvergeHub users can easily sync their QuickBooks data with the CRM to gain insight about past trends, create a more accurate forecast for the future, reduce search time and increase productivity.  Read More

Sync Quick Book with ConvergeHub
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