Best Tips For Small Business For Buying CRM This Black Friday 2017

Posted by Patricia Jones

Black Friday and Cyber Monday that falls on 24 November (Friday) and 27 November (Monday) respectively this year, are the two biggest spending days of the year for the U.S markets. As retailers are struggling to meet the shopper’s desires for providing them unparallel holiday promotions and smart retail experience on this holiday season 2017, here are a few awesome tips that you must know if you are thinking about buying CRM for small business in the next few days to come. Read More

Role of CRM and Customer Experience in the wake of Retail Apocalypse

Posted by Patricia Jones

The so-called retail apocalypse 2017 has become so ingrained in the U.S markets, that now the fear-evoking term has found its own space in the Wikipedia entry. However, many have criticized this type of doomsday description, blaming media for exaggerating the trouble, as U.S retailers also announced more than 3,000 store openings in the first quarter of FY 2017. However, retailer chains have also said that 6,800 retail brick and mortar establishments would close this year, in spite of believed we have stepped on a time when there is sky-high consumer confidence and unemployment is historically low as the U.S economy is keeping on growing, and so has all the ingredients needed for a retail boom. Read More

How to Effectively Convince Your Employee on a Brand New CRM

Posted by Patricia Jones

At last, you have found the right one- the SaaS product that will surely change everything. From its friendly interface to flexible features to its customization options and extensive integration, this software could not be any better for you and your team. However, there is one big barrier standing between you and your dream SaaS CRM platform: your employee. Your employee controls the budget, which obviously means that you need to prove this software is worth the investment, to your boss. Read More

3 Reasons Why Creative Agencies Should Use CRM

Posted by Patricia Jones

We understand creative agencies do not always feel in the same way as a business selling a physical product does. In fact, creative agency owners sometimes even do not conjure up the same mental imagery that retail sellers do and so may not feel the need for using a platform to improve their efficiency. Nevertheless, there are valid reasons why creative agencies should adopt CRM since this technology marvels around organizing and streamlining information and enhancing customer engagements. Here are three specific reasons why your agencies need a CRM. Read More

Find More Value From Your Software With CRM Workflows

Posted by Patricia Jones

Workflow is the core building block of any CRM, which is an infrastructure, built on procedures and processes. Hence, for sound business management, here are three key recommendations to get started with workflows using CRM for enhancing your company’s growth and ROI. Read More

7 Ways CRM Software Can Help Besides Sales

Posted by Patricia Jones

Beyond tracking customer’s behavior and creating sales dashboards, CRM software is becoming a tool that is capable of providing support for other functions as well, which is far removed from the sales department. Therefore, if you are looking for ways and means to fetch more ROI out of your CRM investment, here are 7 ways that Customer Relationship Management software can be used, even beyond the realm of sales. Read More

3 Types Of Emails Which You Should Automate with Your CRM

Posted by Patricia Jones

Email automation is the perfect way to educate and move your leads, prospects, and customers through your sales funnel, with further wasting any more time. In a recent study done on sales, it shows that sales reps spend more than half of their time at the office doing administrative CRM works and another 29% of their time searching and creating contents to pitch their products and services, which eventually leaves them with just one-third time for actually building a relationship and achieving winning businesses. Read More

7 Undemanding Ways to Earn Trust and Confidence of Your C-Suit Prospects

Posted by Patricia Jones

Unless you are selling Boy Scout popcorns to your friends and families, remember your prospects are not making their purchasing decisions based on how they know you. C-Suit prospects are far more concerned with buying their company’s products and services from someone they respect and trust. Hence, if you want to be a trusted advisor and close more sales with high-level prospects, stop trying to be everyone’s friend. Rather, be intentional about earning the trust of your C-Suit prospects. Read More

How To Find The Ideal Prospects In Your Sales Pipeline

Posted by RudyS

Although a healthy sales pipeline helps your team to meet its targets, but are you getting an insane number of customers into your sales pipeline due to the success of your team. Indeed, sales team requires healthy pipeline for its growth, but then again chasing anything that moves will surely cram your pipeline and make it fall sick. It has been often observed that having a large number of prospects those who do not fit your ideal customer profile prevents your team from reaching its optimal performance. Here are some of the most important facts about customers to help you find a healthier and more manageable pipeline. Read More

4 Most Essential Do and Don’t of Email Marketing

Posted by Patricia Jones

According to market research data, nearly more than half of the global population nowadays uses emails, which suggests that it is possible for you to market your products and services to a potentially huge audience using email-marketing strategies. Therefore, if you want to make your email marketing campaigns a hit and more effective, then you must keep these following 4 tips in mind before you push the “Send” button. Read More