Sales Enablement: What role do marketers play in it?

Marketing and sales are two siloed departments – this concept does not hold relevance today. Now, marketing and sales collaboration is essential for the success of any organization. That’s precisely why marketing and sales alignment is top priority for many entrepreneurs. Marketing teams need to do more than just deliver leads that the sales team can nurture or follow-up on. They are required to work in sync with the sales, providing deeper and more better understanding of the potential buyers to the sales agents  Read More




Omni-channel Customer Service: Engaging with the customers across channels and mediums

The present and future is omnichannel engagement where customers are looking forward to receive a seamless and consistent experience across both traditional and digital channels. Brands that fall short of fulfilling this expectation are sure to bite the dust. To avoid this, it is essential to focus on developing omnichannel strategies that empower to cater to customers across any possible medium.  Read More

multi-channel customer service



The All New: Omni-Channel Customer Service Approach

Time-strapped customers demand the flexibility of interacting with companies across a growing number of channels. As a result, they're demanding a seamless and consistent approach across all these. While the larger enterprises have things easy (with resources and technology), it’s the ‘test of the time’ for the small and medium-sized businesses. How the SMBs around the globe will implement omni-channel customer service to meet consumers' expectations? This blog answers that for you.  Read More

Omni-channel customer service



Sales Pipeline Management - Expert Point of View

In sales, driving prospects from initial interest to conversion is challenging. To ease out the process, sales pipeline is required that empowers the sales agents to track the progress of the leads in the sales process and modify the approach accordingly. However, to get optimum benefit out of the sales pipeline, it is essential that it is properly managed. In this blog, we discuss three easy ways on how sales pipeline can be managed and optimized for maximum returns.  Read More

Sales pipeline management



Dealing with an ineffective Sales Force Automation module in the CRM?

Sales Force Automation module integrated within CRM has been no less than a boom to the small and medium-sized businesses. Relieved from the annoyance of handling two separate standalone systems, they have one integrated platform to merge sales with other business process. But the recent times show a conflicting picture. There has been a steady increase in the number of instances where CRMs have fallen short with their SFA modules. This blog shows you WHY?  Read More

Sales force automation module



How New-Age Cloud CRM Is Changing the Role of Sales Professionals

New-Age CRM tools no longer concentrate only on post-sales customer relationship management. They involve the complete customer lifecycle journey (CLJ) right from lead to a customer. In this entire process, sales form a crucial part. Resultant of which, majority of the modern Cloud CRM solutions offer sales force automation modules. So how does this affect the companies? Is there any alteration in the sales process? Let’s find out:  Read More

Cloud Crm



Your customers have moved across to social channels for service. Have you?

Year or two ago 62 percent businesses thought they could do without social media. Today all of them have an active social media service channel. That’s because whether the customers are younger tech-savvy ones or not, social media phenomenon is on all. And as a company, you need to target this dynamic ground for more customer acquisition and retention. This blog explains the importance of social customer service and gives an easy way out to start delivering it.  Read More

Social channels for services



Your Best Practices for Customer Engagement

The last few years has seen an unprecedented rise of social media and new communication channels. To aggravate the matter further, customers nowadays have a limited attention, considering the stream of constant information they get bombarded with. All these factors together have made it a challenge for the companies to fruitfully engage with the customers. This blog discusses FIVE key ways of customer engagement that can empower companies to reach out to customers, engage them and ultimately achieve conversion.  Read More

Customer engagement



The Guide to Social Customer Service

While few years ago social media was rarely a blip in the business sphere, today it is the prime medium for customer service. Now it’s no longer a question whether or not to use social media – it is all imperative. The businesses, who have embraced this trend proactively, are the real winners. For the rest, this is your chance to compete with your counterparts. Check out this guide and learn how you can deliver customer service through social media.  Read More

social media customer service



How to do a holistic omni-channel customer engagement

A study points out that 60% of the customers use at least 8 "touch-points" when it comes to communicating with a company. Obviously, it is a BIG challenge to coordinate all these touch-points and streamline the interactions together to deliver a seamless, integrated experience to the customers. This blog delves upon the concept of cross-channel customer engagement and further discusses how the companies can adopt an integrated approach to successfully engage with customers across several touch-points.  Read More

Omni channel customer service
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