The Guide to Social Customer Service

While few years ago social media was rarely a blip in the business sphere, today it is the prime medium for customer service. Now it’s no longer a question whether or not to use social media – it is all imperative. The businesses, who have embraced this trend proactively, are the real winners. For the rest, this is your chance to compete with your counterparts. Check out this guide and learn how you can deliver customer service through social media.  Read More

social media customer service



How to do a holistic omni-channel customer engagement

A study points out that 60% of the customers use at least 8 "touch-points" when it comes to communicating with a company. Obviously, it is a BIG challenge to coordinate all these touch-points and streamline the interactions together to deliver a seamless, integrated experience to the customers. This blog delves upon the concept of cross-channel customer engagement and further discusses how the companies can adopt an integrated approach to successfully engage with customers across several touch-points.  Read More

Omni channel customer service



Follow three tenets to raise your social customer service game

Social media is the leading medium for customers to voice opinions about companies and their products or services. As a result every company is hell bent on delivering social customer service. But only few are successfully managing to do so. Why? Expectations of speedy replies and immediate attention which requires a systematized approach from the companies’ side. This blog discusses the three tenets of social customer service that can be used to implement a successful social customer-service plan:  Read More

social customer service



How can you make the first meeting (date) with your potential customer valuable?

It’s the quandary of every business: How to impress the potential clients in the first meeting? After all, there’s a lot that goes into striking the right chord with the client. However merely projecting the products and services is not what sums up. In fact that’s the worst approach that any business can adopt. So what to do? In this blog what we give you are three simple ways that you can follow to make your first client meeting valuable. Read, understand & implement to see the difference!  Read More

First meeting



This Valentine Week: Jazz up your relationship with the customers

In today’s fast-paced technological age, maintaining an engaging relationship with the customers often takes a backseat. While most businesses do promise of continuous communication with the customers, most often it just ends up in only blabber and no action. Result: strained customer relationships If you identify yourself with the above situation – then we have the right remedy for you NOW. Read this blog and get some easy tricks up your sleeve to ‘Jazz up your relationship with the customers’  Read More

valentine week



Three Customer Service Techniques that will dominate 2015

We all know that customer acquisition is ten times more costly than customer retention. This is precisely why every company is more driven towards retaining its existing customers. However, considering the needs of the customers that is very dynamic, customer retention strategies that work today does not necessarily hold value tomorrow. Read further as we provide you three customer service trends that will be the most popular in the year of 2015.  Read More

customer service technique



Top New Year resolutions for Small Businesses (Expert Point of View)

If you own a small business, now is the time to reflect on the year gone by, and plan how you want this year to be for your business. In this blog, we take the viewpoints of John Laforet (Principal at Broadview Strategy Group, a communications firm) on New Year Resolutions for small businesses. Learn his expert point of view on the best of small business New Year resolutions for 2015  Read More

Top New Year Resolutions



Three most popular New Year Resolutions of Small Business Owners

With the curtain down upon 2014 and New Year festivities to an end – the focus is back on business. However, chances that are that most businesses will be in a trap. Reason being that amidst all this New Year hula-hoop, they’ve missed out on forming business resolutions. If you are a business owner, then making resolutions for this year should definitely rank high in the to-do list. This blog teaches you three TOP New Year Resolutions that feature high in the list of every small business owner.  Read More

Small Business Resolutions



Forrester Research suggests FOUR Customer Service Tips

Delivering a winning customer service has become a quandary for every business. Thanks to the sudden spurt of communication channels and touchpoints - Customers have become omnipresent and companies are finding it difficult to tackle them in all the avenues. So do we take it for granted that the gap between customers’ expectations and the service will always be huge? Certainly, No In this blog, learn four most compelling tips on customer service suggested by one of the top international research bodies (Forrester).  Read More

Customer Service Tips



Top Six trends of Customer Service in 2015: Forrester Report

Planning your customer service strategy for 2015? You are not alone. It’s that time of the year when most companies are busy reviewing their progress, identifying how they performed till now, and accordingly updating the business plan with the new strategy. And while they do all this – one question keeps hovering in their mind – what 2015 holds in store for them? If only they get a few hints and insights, the planning for the coming year will be far easier and effective.  Read More

Trends of Customer Service
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