New Feature: Remember Search

You have have always asked for a functionality in ConvergeHub CRM that will remember your searches with a single click of the mouse. So, here it is now!  Read More

ConvergeHub CRM Remember Search



Feature Focus- Knowledge Base

Times have changed and so have the rules. In today’s world, digitally savvy customers seek seamless and personalized experience right from the beginning of their interaction with any business establishments.In stark contrast to traditional plain-vanilla CRMs new age converged CRM technology like ConvergeHub use Knowledge Base as a tool for handling customer support tickets.  Read More

ConvergeHub CRM Feature Focus - Knowledge Base





Double Your Productivity In Less Than 3 Months - Here's How

As business productivity is on the decline which leaves many entrepreneurs worrying about the growth of their businesses. In experts' opinion, entrepreneurs need to look for CRM software tools that streamline the process and make them and their team more productive. Although there are several software choices available, converged CRMs top the list of best online productivity tools. This blog walks you through 5 effective ways that showcase the benefits of using converged CRM to increase your business productivity.  Read More

Double your Productivity in Less than 3 Months by ConvergeHub CRM



ConvergeHub Feature Focus: Ad-Hoc Reporting

The ability to dissect information is important for small & medium businesses. It enables them to identify the strengths and weaknesses and accordingly strategize to rectify the loopholes. ConvergeHub CRM brings the power of business intelligence within its web application. And what makes this really helpful is that apart from the 20 built-in reports, Any small & medium businesses can generate personalized business reports or sales report, depending on their specific work demands. There are a variety of reporting components available that include summary report, tabular report and matrix formats along with pie chart, bar, line, donut charts and funnel.  Read More



SkyDesktop users: ConvergeHub partners with InfoStreet and joins SkyAppMarket

ConvergeHub CRM has joined SkyAppMarket and is now available to small businesses using in-browser cloud app platform – SkyDesktop. SkyDesktop users can choose from three different ConvergeHub editions called Lite, Professional and Premium as per their specific business requirements. Burdened with the management of sales, marketing, and customer success processes, they can lighten their load through automation in the CRM and convert more leads and build stronger customer relationships.  Read More

ConvergeHub joins SkyAppMarket



Work/Life Balance – How successful are you in achieving it??

Work/Life balance has become a major concern among business owners. With most of them failing to achieve it, complains of stress and health deterioration have become frequent. While there are multiple ways to resolve this, the best way to achieve perfect work/life balance is through CRM software. It actually empowers entrepreneurs to manage their business from anywhere and also automates tedious operational activities – saving much time and effort.  Read More




You have aimed to touch a new revenue figure in 2016, but how sales-ready are you??

Sales is tough. Period. But compared to the years back when selling just involved calling up customers and pitching products/services, today its beyond that. Businesses need to incorporate a set of prospecting tools, strategies and technologies in the arsenal. Then only can it lead to a strong framework which will help bring deals and increase the revenue numbers. This blog talks about those prospecting tools, strategies and technologies that any business needs to invest in.  Read More

Revenue figure



ConvergeHub introduces Email History View Status and Reply All & Forward functionalities within its converged CRM platform

After the successful integration of Lead Clipper and Round Robin assignment rule, ConvergeHub is back with the announcement of two new features. This time the focus is on improving the emailing experience. So ConvergeHub has gone ahead and added Email History View Status and Reply All & Forward functionalities within its converged CRM platform. Check what these are and how will they benefit small businesses while emailing from ConvergeHub.  Read More

ConvergeHub introduces Email History View Status and Reply All & Forward functionalities within its converged CRM platform



ConvergeHub introduces Lead Clipper and Round Robin Assignment Rule within its cloud CRM platform

Small business owners are buried with multiple tasks of sales, marketing and customer service. They require a solution that simplifies their job and empowers them to work smart than slogging in for hours. ConvergeHub is a cloud based CRM platform that can run an entire business, serving as a complete business management operating system. Adding to its gamut of features are two new names called Lead Clipper and Round Robin assignment rule. Check what these are and what good news do they bring for all small businesses.  Read More


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