Christmas Gift-Giving Is The Reason-Why You Must Give In Order To Receive

It is the month of December where we get into the Christmas spirit with our mulled wine, mince pies and cookies. But is Christmas all about joyful celebrations? Or have we narrowed the definition of Christmas? In the midst of all our parties, we easily lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas i.e. the Act of Gratitude and Giving.  Read More

Christmas Gift-Why You Must Gift In Order To Receive



The base of excellent customer service: Consistency

The importance of customer service is known to all. However, in spite of this, not many are able to score high on this area. Reason being that most businesses are still not aware of the elements that differentiate a standard customer service from an excellent one. In this blog, we explain that one rare factor that elevates the level of customer service and empowers businesses to win the loyalty of their customers for lifetime.  Read More

Base Of Customer Service



Turn your Customer Service from Good to GREAT - with ConvergeHub Cases Module

Customer Service has become the #1 competitive differentiator for any business. That is why now every business is taking special efforts to deliver a good service to the customers. However, only having a dedicated team of customer support professionals is not enough. Businesses need to use customer service software like ConvergeHub to make their customer service rise from Good to Great.  Read More

Turn your customer service from good to great



2015 has redefined business's objective: omnichannel customer engagement!

Today’s customers demand nothing short of a highly connected and personalized experience across a wide range of physical, web-based, and mobile touchpoints. This is what is defined as omnichannel engagement which is one step ahead of multichannel customer engagement. Businesses who are able to deliver these experiences foster customer loyalty, satisfaction, and sales. This is precisely why it has become the prime agenda of every business to do groundwork on omnichannel engagement, invest in a robust customer engagement technology like CRM; and meet to the new customers expectations.  Read More

New Objective of business in 2015



The Six Principles of knowing your Customers better

Understanding the minds of the customers has become the main priority for most entrepreneurs. That's because customers have become empowered due to factors like the onset of social media, easy comparison-shopping, and a proliferation of choices. As a result, customers are not even taking minutes to switch their allegiance which has made it imperative for every business to offer good proactive service that helps in high customer retention. In this blog, we provide six easy ways to get close to the ever-demanding clients and understand their psyche well. Take a look.  Read More

The Six Principles knowing your customer better



Surf online, seek advice on social media, buy at a showroom and send email for support - the activity of a modern customer

Large-scale companies worldwide have started offering customer engagement across multiple channels that involves, web, email, voice, mobile and social media. Following the footsteps are the budding small and medium organizations venturing into the multi-channel environment . However, venturing into this space without exhaustive planning can be dangerous. This blog identifies the key pointers for businesses to consider in the formation of a multichannel roadmap.  Read More

the activity of a modern customer



Bid adieu to single channel because multi-channel customer engagement is here

Today there is a very thin line of difference between the prices and products of companies. As a result - customer service is the only way to differentiate a brand from others. This is why it is crucial for every business (especially the small and medium-sized) ones to provide a stellar multichannel customer care. Tools like CRM are apt for these cases as they empower SMBs to provide a high level of service, that leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and retention rates.  Read More

multi channel customer engagement



How customer support centers benefit from CRM Software

Cloud based CRM systems have become no less than a boon for the businesses who have been struggling to meet the dynamic customers' needs. All thanks to the CRM's centralized repository that houses all customer information, giving the customer support centers the ability to get an in-depth insight into each customers' profile and treat them individually. During the course of customer interaction, customer support agents are better informed about customer's specific needs that helps them in quickly modifying the level of service in order to match to the customers' requirements.  Read More




How does CRM work for Customer Support Productivity?

Irrespective of how great your product is, bad service can put a brake to your customer acquisition spree or build up cracks in your existing customer base. Reason being that majority of customers remember the last interaction they have had with the company and continue to decide the future transaction/allegiance based on that. As a result, it is of paramount importance that companies have their customer support agents well trained and equipped to handle all sorts of customer queries. And it is precisely at this point that CRM comes into the picture. Read the blog to learn how.  Read More

How does crm work for customer support productivity


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