How ConvergeHub helps your sales agents?

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Looking at the common challenges faced by the sales reps, ConvergeHub has specially designed its sales module to provide maximum convenience to the sales agents. 

Read further and see how your sales reps can get things done better and faster with the CRM application ConvergeHub – 

1. All information in one page

Using ConvergeHub, your sales people do not have to juggle between different modules to get a complete view of any lead. Under the Leads Details section, they get to view all the data associated to the parent record. So it is one page to track everything that is related with the lead. 

Other than leads’ general details, address and sales process; there is the related list in the sub panel too. From the total broadcasts done for the lead - to the products, activities and lists related to it – your reps get one place for a wholesome view to track everything that is happening with the lead. That means easy Lead Management.

Most importantly, sales reps get to add custom fields to include any other extra information in the Details section. 


2. Easy entry of related records

Dealing with leads, your sales rep might most often want to associate a contact or add a task to the lead. Instead of navigating back and forth between different modules – ConvergeHub lets you perform all subsequent activities from the Leads Details Page itself.

option allows your sales reps to add Partner, Contacts, Documents, Notes, Lists, Products and Activities in 1-2 clicks. So for instance, your sales reps want to attach a document to the lead, he can instantly do it by clicking on Library under the Add Sub-Panel option.

3. Quick Form Filling

No one likes to fill in endless forms. Now imagine your sales reps who have to do it each time they get in a new lead for your business. Certainly this excessive manual data entry might make them feel irritated. Also, the chunk of time taken to fill in the forms decreases their productivity and diverts them from hardcore selling.

What do we come up with?

Short Lead Creation: On-the-go or in the middle of a trade show where there are chances to meet up with multiple leads – your sales reps can add leads into ConvergeHub database in split seconds.

Create Lead in Quick View provides a miniature version of the Add Lead form.

It keeps form fields to the minimum such as Lead Name, Account Name, Lead Source, Contact Number, Email and Budget. In this way your sales reps fill-in only the required information and your CRM software database looks complete too.

4. Lead Import

Do you still maintain a portion of your leads data in spreadsheets? How many times have you asked your sales reps to transfer that data into your CRM? Many times we believe!

Ever wondered why your salespeople avoid doing so? Is maintaining spreadsheets really that convenient? Nah…They actually dread the fact of manually entering the piles of information into the CRM! 

ConvergeHub provides Fast Data Import option. And it is not just about leads but for each module in ConvergeHub that has an Import feature. Just click on Import, choose a file from the computer and there you go – you have all information at once in the CRM system.

Worried about data duplicity? Don’t be. Sales reps can use ConvergeHub smart duplicate checking intelligence to eliminate duplicate entries during data import. Plus, they can share the imported data with the team; customize the imported lists and assign the imported database to existing campaigns.

5. Reports

Let us face it: sales reps always hate creating reports. You know it but still you ask them to do it. Further, even when the reports are created, you really cannot guarantee the authenticity of the facts. All-in-all, report creation is a headache for you and your sales team. 

But with ConvergeHub, creating and generating reports becomes a breeze! With the Reports module built in the CRM system, all the information from your CRM database gets precisely reflected in the reports.

Reports Result 

Reports Chart

And creating reports in ConvergeHub does not involve any complexity too! All that your sales reps are required to do is select:

  • Module
  • Related module
  • Report format (Tabular, Summary and Matrix). 
  • Columns
  • Order (Ascending or Descending)
  • Column Summary
  • Criteria.

Plus, sales reps can schedule and send reports periodically via Email.

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