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Empower your Customer Support Agents with the Right Resources

Use ConvergeHub to streamline organization-wide Customer Support process. Instead of handling Sales and Post-sales support from two different platforms, integrate both under ConvergeHub. This helps you provide speedy resolutions to boost customer satisfaction and increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Case Management

case management module

Deliver on-time effective customer service by managing and monitoring all your customer cases from a central database. Assign and rout cases to customer support professionals across multiple communications channels – email, phone and web. Provide assistance to the support agents by attaching relevant files from the computer or from ConvergeHub Library. Add/view task, event, note, comments and followers to the cases.

Track the quality and quickness of case issue handling to ensure proper customer satisfaction. Analyze the performance of support agents through precise analytical reports. Customize the case management software as per your customer support process. Add custom fields and change the related list views.

case management module
customer case history

Case History

customer case history

Get a quick snap-shot of customer case history from the Issue History section in ConvergeHub. Get important details like – total number of previous cases, assigned customer support agents, case resolution status and case closure date. View comments to get a detailed insight on the case. Add comments to the issue history as per the requirement.

Web to Case

crm customer support

Capture customer support requests from the website to include in ConvergeHub cases module. Accelerate the resolution process by automatically validating the case and assigning it to the right customer support agent.

You don’t need the help of an expert to build the web-to-case form.  Simply click on the web-to-case feature, drag and drop the required fields and select the customer support agent. Set the form heading, button label, form description, form completion message and redirected URL. Put the embedded code into the website.

crm customer support
ConvergeHub Integration

API Integration

ConvergeHub Integration

Integrate ConvergeHub with third-party applications to further streamline your organization wide activities. Develop new BPM applications in Java, .Net, C, C++, PHP, etc or integrate existing business applications as per your requirement. Use Developer API and within a fraction of the time, your accounting, ERP, e-commerce, self-service portals, will be in one place, all integrated seamlessly into ConvergeHub

Benefit: you get real-time visibility into the data, performance, availability and capacity of each of your business application from one broad platform.

Grow your business with ConvergeHub

Manage your leads, follow up sales activities, resolve customer complaints, automate workflow process, build and run campaigns, store and share documents, communicate and collaborate with partners, list products, generate quotes and invoices, integrate Outlook and other applications – do all this and much more from one broad platform – ConvergeHub

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