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Customer Lifecycle Management CRM with Sales, Marketing, Service and Billing to grow your business.
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Customer Lifecycle Management CRM - from cold prospects to happy lifetime customers

One place for all customer information and activities
End-to-end Customer Lifecycle Management Platform

Manage your Sales, Marketing, Service and Billing from one platform.

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  • Powerful Sales Force Automation

    Sell smarter and close deals faster with easy to customize sales process and powerful automation.

  • Personalized Marketing Campaigns

    Launch effective marketing campaigns, find more interested customers and increase your ROI dramatically.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

    Empower agents to deliver delightful customer experience and build life-long relationships with 360-degree customer view.

  • Effortless Billing and Payment Tracking

    Track products and services, create and send custom invoices effortlessly, manage discounts, track payments and grow your business.

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Top 3 Reasons to choose ConvergeHub

Customer Lifecycle focus. Powerful Features. All-in-one CRM.
CRM for small business
CRM for small business

1 End-to-end Customer Lifecycle

From cold prospects to happy lifetime customer to brand advocates and beyond. Manage all customer information and activities from one place.

2 All-in-One CRM

Manage sales, marketing, customer service and billing from one unified platform. Get 360-degree customer view and avoid duplicate data entry.

3 Powerful Features

Secure, flexible, and scalable platform with full enterprise-ready features that is designed to expand as your business grows.

More reasons to choose ConvergeHub

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01 All customer data in one place

No more frantically searching for crucial customer information in emails, spreadsheets, Slack or Google docs. Just one app that stores everything.

02 Sales, Marketing, Support and Billing can work together.

Align all business functions around a single source of truth and a single platform for all customer activities.

03 See everything, do anything.

View every new lead, closed sale, support request, invoice raised, payments received and take action as needed.

04 You don't have to change the way you work.

Create new fields, customize screen layout, build dashboards, and customize in any way so that you can continue working the way you are used to.

05 Say no to manual grunt work.

Automate repetitive tasks through automated workflows so that you can avoid human errors focus on what matters.

06 You no longer have to use separate Apps.

With emails, voice calls, sms, calendar, document management and more built right into the platform, you can perform all your activities from one place.

07 Manage better by measuring better.

Measure and track everything. Use pre-built reports or create new reports, create custom dashboards and visualize stats to intelligently manage your biz.

08 Grows with your business.

Packed with enterprise-grade features that your business will not outgrow as it scales to the next level. With you for the long haul.


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One platform for everything Customer

Smarter, Better, Stronger, Faster

Sell more, Market better, Support smarter, Bill quicker

Unified Platform

All features are built on the same platform and have uniform look and behavior. This eliminates duplicate data entry and ensures 360-degree data visibility.

Easy to Use

Simple and intuitive navigation that minimizes mouse-clicks and maximizes productivity. Easy to learn user interface that sales teams actually use.

Quick Implementation

Get started in minutes with easy setup and built-in templates, dashboards and reports. No complex implementation cycle or consultation needed.

Enhanced Productivity

Shift your team into high gear with advanced sales productivity tools. Reduce the time it takes to go from lead to close with sales process automation and advanced workflows.


Scalable platform that is packed with advanced features designed to grow your business. Enterprise-level security features keeps your business secure.


Flexible and customizable software that adapts to the way your business works. Create custom fields, layouts, automations and reports or integrate with external applications.

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools with a few clicks

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