Alexa Achieve Operational Efficiency with All-in-one CRM ConvergeHub

10X Your Operational Efficiency with All-in-one CRM ConvergeHub

CRM | by Patricia Jones
10X Your Operational Efficiency with All-in-one CRM ConvergeHub

According to the latest data, 43% of the CRM users only leverage half of the product’s features in their day-to-day operations. That’s unfortunate, but true in most cases, which results in reduced operational output. White the CRM adoption costs businesses a few hundred dollars a year, the lack of knowledge makes it the most underutilized asset. If leveraged correctly an all-in-one CRM like ConvergeHub could be your most reliable asset. 

As a productive CRM for startups, ConvergeHub is designed to take care of the end-to-end customer lifecycle for an organization. From sales, marketing support to billing this all-in one CRM can significantly deliver a productivity boost by automating your workflow. 

What are the Key Problem Areas in Day-to-Day Workflow

However, before we talk about how an all-in-one CRM minimizes your time spent on meaningless administrative tasks, it’s crucial to point out the bottlenecks many organizations are facing even today. These are even true for the startups and growing SMBs that are working on scale up strategies. 

  • Data Disorganization

Without a CRM, customer data can become scattered across emails, notes, spreadsheets, or even post-it notes. This disorganization means that valuable insights and information can be lost and overlooked. A CRM organizes all information in one place, making it easily accessible and actionable.

  • Inefficient Communication

Sales teams not utilizing CRMs often struggle to maintain consistent communication, both internally and with customers. There’s no shared platform to track interactions, which can lead to mixed messages or duplicated efforts. CRMs streamline communication and ensure that everyone has the most up-to-date information.

  • Lost Sales Opportunities

When customer information is not centralized, opportunities for cross-selling, upselling, or even timely follow-ups can be missed. A CRM helps in identifying these opportunities by analyzing customer data and past purchases, and it prompts salespeople when an opportunity arises.

How ConvergeHub Addresses the Operational Bottlenecks 

As a CRM for startups, ConvergeHub helps manage data, nurture leads, forecast sales and a lot more. As a centralized platform it establishes seamless connection with different operation modules, providing autonomy for the diverse business operations. The marketing module is directly connected with the sales module that can easily segregate and synchronize the hot leads in the Sales module. And there are a lot more. 

Contact management becomes easier

For a startup managing contacts often becomes a hassle. Especially when the contact base starts to grow, managing those in a spreadsheet manually requires a lot of effort. Moreover, there are chances of human error, which ultimately leads to contact data mismanagement. With a CRM, it’s easier to consolidate such data in a single platform.All the necessary information pertaining to the particular contact can be automatically updated in the CRMs. It helps in cross-team accessibility of the data without wasting time digging through several files and records to locate information. A lot of resource time is saved by this. 

Account-management becomes hassle-free

ConvergeHub Account Management module enables sales leaders, managers and other authorized personnel to access a complete history of each account from one common repository. They can create task, schedule event, and add comments and notes to the accounts. Reach out to the accounts through email, phone, FAX, and SMS. Attach files to the accounts from the computer or ConvergeHub Library. Keep track of accounts more elaborately by associating them with relevant leads, deals, and contacts. Refer to the past deals of the accounts to understand buying patterns; analyze up-selling and cross-selling opportunities and set up loyalty programs.

Elimination of manual data-entry 

As mentioned earlier, manual data-entry is error prone and tedious. Thanks to the automation features of ConvergeHub that makes 100% accurate data entry a breeze. Your reps no longer need to dig through emails, calls, meetings, and interactions to find data for manual keying. ConvergeHub captures the data and key it at the appropriate location, so that it can be retrieved anytime. 

Sending reminders and follow ups becomes seamless

This is one of the key reasons why CRM for startups are so high in demand. Growing SMBs do not have a big team for this job. Relying on the all-in-one CRm Software helps manage the same. Convergehub has tools to track all the prospect activity and reminds them to follow up. Thus, it’s easier to schedule meetings, send reminders and so on. It helps reps become more proactive , which further increases the chance of conversion.

Customer segmentation involves zero hassles 

All-in-one CRM software facilitates effortless customer segmentation. Often your reps might have the task of creating a list of contacts to reach out to based on specific criteria. CovergeHu helps perform customer sorting based on the data that you have collected over time. Believe it or not, the process takes a much shorter time when CRM software is used. This way it will be easier to keep things organized.

Creating intuitive sales reports becomes more streamlined

ConvergeHub comes with excellent analytics and reporting features. The CRM itself tracks every data and the progress that is made at every domain. Further it helps generate different intuitive reports based on the data without any manual intervention. Such reports come with a detailed view of the sales pipelines, deals, and contacts. Moreover, they can also evaluate their personal performance and keep track of their goals and other important work to reach their quotas. 

Sales forecasting becomes more data-driven

All-in-one CRM ConvergeHub helps business leaders to plan strategically and make informed decisions based on crucial sales data like monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and year-over-year (YOY) growth. It helps sales leaders identify trends and plan strategically. 

Scoring and nurturing leads becomes stress-free

ConvergeHub Deals Management module stores and manages every little information about the converted/to-be converted leads. Get a detailed outlook on each deal through fields like account name, assigned to, lead source, sales process, sales stage, deal type, deal value, expected close date and conversion probability. Import Deal opportunities from a spreadsheet or third-party business solution using Import Wizard and ConvergeHub API.

Ending note

For quite some time, future-forward organizations are focusing on the CRM adoption to carry out the day-to-day tasks. A lot of companies have also come forward to make substantial investment into these platforms, but lack proper knowledge to incorporate it for day-to-day use. At ConvergeHub, we emphasize on the proper hand holding by providing the much needed technical support even after onboarding. We make sure that our CRM product is aptly integrated with the daily workflow of the sales, marketing and the support teams, so that they can provide their best while leveraging the all-in-one features of the product. 

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