Alexa 3 Reasons Why Creative Agencies Should buy CRM

3 Reasons Why Creative Agencies Should Use CRM

CRM | by Patricia Jones
3 reasons why creative agencies should use crm

We understand creative agencies do not always feel in the same way as a business selling a physical product does. In fact, creative agency owners sometimes even do not conjure up the same mental imagery that retail sellers do and so may not feel the need for using a platform to improve their efficiency.
Nevertheless, there are valid reasons why creative agencies should adopt CRM since this technology marvels around organizing and streamlining information and enhancing customer engagements.

Much like any other businesses a creative agency also need to have a regular flow of customers to sell their beautiful arts, witty slogans, or stunning designs. Hence, without a constant and reliable way to manage and engage leads, creative agencies can find fewer customers, which may consequently affect their ROI.

Comprehensive data analysis, data tracking, marketing, and communications help in keeping the customer and leads on track. Problems that can be easily solved with creative agency CRM software meant for advertisement, art galleries, event management, and other related creative businesses.

Here are three specific reasons why your agencies need a CRM:

Data, Data and Data

Given the many communication channels that all businesses use to interact with their customers nowadays, managing customer data can mean either amazing financial success or a premature death of your business.

CRM is a technology, which when accompanied by business practices and strategies solve this data management crisis, by serving a single platform for collecting and tracking every interaction that your team has with their clients. CRM helps your sales and marketing team view the same data by making them remain on the same page. It also allows your employees to quickly check your customer preferences and past concerns, as converged CRM as ConvergeHub provides a 360-degree view of your customers.

Moreover, creative agency CRM helps prevent data redundancy by removing data duplication in the process cleaning up old data from the database, which helps your team to maintain and update information with one integrated system.

Provide a Jump in Your Revenue Stream

CRM is proven to increase sales productivity, sales rate quotas, and even increase the size of purchases made by the leads. According to our findings, it has been seen that using ConvergeHub CRM, sales teams have seen a boost of more than 26% in their productivity.

In fact, these numbers get more interesting when sales and marketing teams have an access to mobile CRM like ConvergeHub. According to one study, more than 65% of sales reps hit their targets using mobile CRM technology versus 23% without the mobile CRM software.

From a creative perspective, agencies those who often have to focus on artistic pursuits have to bounce between several tasks at the same time, like creating art, designs, and contents, pitching the project to the customers and make necessary modifications based on their client’s requirements.

A CRM is a perfect tool under this circumstance, where it helps to maintain schedules of your employees so that your account executives will never have to miss a client’s call or forget when they need to contact a client once again.

Lead Segmentation

Although we all wish that this was not the case, the truth is, not all leads become your customers. Moreover, different customers, leads, and prospects have different priorities. CRM is a time-tested software that helps you to classify clients and thereafter allows your team to determine the level of attention needed by your clients, individually.

CRM helps in segregating hot and cold leads in your sales funnel, as lead and contact segregation functionality within a CRM is the best way to tackle this challenge.

As creative agencies have to meld sales with more artistic endeavors, in some ways, creative agencies have more to manage and juggle with their clients than traditional companies.

Due to the nature of the business, even the product of a creative agency has the potential to change during the customer’s journey, whereby a CRM is the best tool to keep your clients happy over the course of creation through to execution.

This is because one academic study found that “CRM is the most effective approach in maintaining and establishing relationships with customers.”



Hence, it can be summarized adopting CRM can be a true game-changer for marketers of many creative agencies by connecting with their customers in one of the smartest, scalable and reliable ways to increase retention and boost acquisition of their business establishments.


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