Alexa Customer Service Experience And CX Predictions For 2018

5 Customer Service Experience And CX Predictions For 2018

Customer Service | by Patricia Jones
Customer Service Experiance

In this Era-of-the-Customer, all business establishments understand that it is the customers who call the shots. Customers are better informed and smarter nowadays, as they have recognized that they have more options and so are more stringently demanding about the customer service experience they receive, which they expect to be right the first time and every time. The new age customers expect business houses to take care of their issues in a way that not only keeps them happy but also help restore their faith and confidence in the company.

While many companies see this as a big burden on their shoulders, there are others who view this as a golden window of opportunity to meet their customers, exceed the customer expectations, and so win over new customers by creating loyalty with their existing ones.

If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends. - Jeff Bezos Click To Tweet

The following are 5 predictions that you cannot ignore.
For the most part, these are certain customer experience management trends that keep tending, and which, smart companies follow and react accordingly.

Self-service customer support is growing in popularity

Customers expect companies they do business with to provide them support in a way that is easy and convenient for the customers. It has been noticed in numerous studies that customers visit the company websites not to look for telephone numbers but to look for an answer to their problems or questions in hand. In the recent times, videos have become a powerful means to answer frequently asked questions. These “how-to” type videos not only offer answers to questions but they also show the customers and visitors how to properly use the company’s products or services. Hence, this video-based support also doubles up as a marketing tool, since enhancing customer service experience is the new approach to marketing.

AI continues to be the hottest topic in customer experience management

Computers now effectively handle low-level customer support questions and its capabilities are increasing. Much like, what reminds us of the Moor’s Law, which says that the power and capacity of the microchip (the number of transistors on a chip) will be doubled every passing year. This is exactly what is happening with Artificial Intelligence. The power and capability of Artificial Intelligence is growing at a stellar pace. The good news is, while in the past using AI for enhancing customer support experience, was prohibitively high for most companies, the modern day AI solutions that are now being developed for SMB (Small and Medium Business) can be found at an affordable price.

AI will also support the employee apart from the customers

While the majority of people are focusing on how AI can be used for communicating with their customers, there are some organizations those who are also using Artificial Intelligence to support the agents. In this case, the “machine” listening to the discussion between the customer and the agent, is capable of providing the agent with up-to-date information and data needed to respond to the customer’s questions. According to the words of Ginni Rometty (CEO of IBM) – when you turn around the letter in Artificial Intelligence, ‘AI’ reverses to ‘IA’, which means for ‘Intelligent Assistant’, and over here, the machine “assistant” extends help and support the agents instead of the customers.

Amazon will shift into Brick-and-mortar retail

We have already seen as more and more Brick-and-mortar retailers are gaining grounds online, giants like Amazon has similarly moved into the retail brick-and-mortar store business on grocery items by recognizing the delicate sense of balance between the traditional and the digital retail worlds. And, this is just the start, for this shifting economy fueled by customer service is a convenience that will eventually benefit the customers.

Convenience is the new CX and customer service strategy

The next wave of disruptors to any industry is going to include the concept of convenience in 2018. We all have seen how the conveniences of Uber cabs have disrupted the whole taxicab industry. Moreover, Amazon has also paved the path of convenience and has become one of the most convenient companies on the planet to do business with. Hence, convenience is the newest service weapon to enhance customer service experience, and customer experience management this year.


So make sure that you are keeping up with the trends to follow in 2018, by offering your customers the service and customer experience that are engaging, easy, and convenient, to make this year a great time for both your customers and your company.

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