Alexa Unsurpassable Benefits of Using Cloud Based CRM Systems

5 Unsurpassable Benefits of Using Cloud Based CRM Systems

CRM | by Patricia Jones

A cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is a vital tool for any contemporary sales stack.
As your business grows, so does the number of customers and contacts you have to keep track of – which is where a robust cloud based CRM system comes into play.

87% of modern businesses function better, with the help of a cloud based CRM system in their organization- Marketo Click To Tweet

If you have not yet made the switch to a cloud based CRM system (or you have just not made the leap from spreadsheet to using an easy to use CRM at all). You could be letting down your sales teams and slowing down your businesses.

What is a Cloud Based CRM system?

A cloud CRM or a SaaS based CRM system, as the very name suggests, resides in that elusive place, which we in the technical term call the ‘Cloud’. Although we cannot view where a cloud CRM dwells, however, we can indeed see and experience the benefits it provides over the traditional On-Premise CRM software platforms.

This is mostly because the positive impact of a cloud based CRM system makes you feel the CRM solution palpable, real, and substantial in its appearance.

For instance, there are several sales teams that rely on ConvergeHub Cloud based CRM solution to streamline their workflow, that includes email outreach, cold calling, managing their contact lists, tracking sales opportunities and activities, as well as optimizing their process of sales.

Let us now explore the reason why more than 87% of modern businesses function better, with the help of a cloud based CRM system in their organization.

5 Benefits of adopting Cloud based CRM systems

  1. Hassle-Free Installation Process

For a small business or a startup to successfully adopt any new robust software, the primary thing is to get it started easily. After all, software that works seamlessly and moves quickly does not make you invest more time or efforts and resource on that application.

One of the greatest causes a business might fence sit and try not to use a CRM, is the imbibed fear that the installation of the software will be complicated and the onboarding of the business solution will be more of a trouble than it is worth its rewards.

Luckily, with a cloud based CRM system, installing the software is a procedure, which is as smooth as a breeze. As in a SaaS-based CRM software, there is no hardware involved in the installation process, you need not even set up your own server, and there is zero maintenance required for upholding the system.

This means you simply do not require an IT team to supervise the installation or data migration procedures since the CRM vendor will take care of all these aspects remotely.

In fact, as long as you have an internet access, getting started with a cloud based CRM system is an easy affair.

Sales teams admire and love cloud CRM solutions, as SaaS-based CRM is accessible from anywhere.

Most cloud CRM software like ConvergeHub and others are easy to use CRM software platforms that are mobile ready, which makes the sales reps access their important information they need about their contracts and deals on the go.

To access mobile cloud based CRM software, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and the login credentials to connect with the software’s cloud base.

Moreover, since the CRM is hosted in the cloud, it also acts as a lifesaver on many instances, as the customer database in CRM is available 24/7- not just when you are at the office.

Per say, information stored in the CRM database is organized and accessible to everyone on the sales team from anywhere across the globe. Which implies your in-house sales reps can review the same data and information, as the sales reps meeting their clients on the road.

A cloud CRM is also a boon to the sales teams when anyone needs to make a last minute sales call while working remotely. Using this CRM platform, sales reps can quickly get the details they need for an important sales call or check up on a client whether they are on their tablet, phone, laptop or even borrowing someone else’s device.

  1. Ease of Use

Not only does a cloud based CRM system ensures that your customer data in CRM is always there at your fingertips, but is also extremely easy to use.

The process of onboarding is a different experience for every CRM platform, but ConvergeHub easy to use CRM solution, does not involve a steep learning curve. Thanks to our extremely simple onboarding process, our CRM is designed to be up and running within minutes.

Businesses can upload and seamlessly synchronize existing customer data residing in their previously used online lead management software, edit the details whenever they want, and customize fields and reports in the CRM software to fit into their sales processes.

ConvergeHub cloud based CRM system also allows you to easily generate new leads, send cold email campaigns, keep track of existing customer data in CRM and their communications, as well as send follow-up emails for lead nurturing.

  1. Scalability and Flexibility

Cloud based CRM software applications have the ability to keep up with any small and medium-sized business as it grows and thereby support your expanding team.

This agile and flexible nature of any SaaS CRM solution makes it perfect for businesses of any size, including startups looking for a software solution that can match their budget, size, and most importantly goals.

Because cloud CRM platforms can provide unlimited storage space and bandwidth without upgrading the system, cloud based CRM systems are more flexible than those On-Premise CRM software platforms that reside in the local servers.

This increased flexibility of cloud based CRM systems leads to a greater productivity and efficiency across the board.

  1. Integration With Other Apps

Any reputed cloud CRM in the market can be easily integrated into your businesses’ existing workflow. This is a great news, since adopting a cloud based CRM solution, you do not have to invest in software applications that do not cooperate with the services and tools your employees rely on, to do their job well at the office.

Once you adopt a cloud CRM, just make sure that your CRM software is fully compatible with the services your marketing, sales, accounts and support teams use, such as email client, accounting software, telephony applications and others.

Compatibility is a matter of such importance to any startup’s sales stack that we built ConvergeHub specifically to help you integrate our customer relationship management software seamlessly with other applications you use every day, which includes Gmail, Google Drive, DocuSign, Zapier, QuickBooks accounting, RingCentral, MailChimp and several others.

For viewing the full list of all our integrations, you can visit our Integrations webpage. We are sure with our exhaustive list of integrations you will be seeking nothing further anymore.

  1. Cost Savings

Small businesses and startups do not need to invest a lot to get started with a cloud based CRM system. Therefore, switching to a SaaS CRM is a low-risk business venture, with very high rewards.

The services offered by a cloud CRM software can save your sales team’s time and efforts by taking care of data management so that your sales and marketing reps can focus on selling and bringing in more revenue.

Additionally, a cloud CRM like ConvergeHub also requires fewer resources to maintain, so you do not need to hire a big IT team to manage your show.

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Therefore, now that you are aware of the benefits of what is a CRM on the cloud, try ConvergeHub the award-winning cloud CRM for small business that helps you to take control of your enterprise.

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