Alexa Easy to use CRM and Sales Strategies to Knockout Competition Flat

6 Customer Management and Sales Strategies to Knockout Your Competition Flat

CRM | by Patricia Jones
6 Customer Management and Sales Strategies to Knockout Your Competition Flat

As a small business owner, you must be having huge plans for your business. The goals for your startup organization may include providing the best possible offers to your customers, sell more than your competitions, hire highly skilled employees, and someday make your organization be a part of the Fortune 500 company lists.
However, regardless of all these dreams, you can only make your imaginations only come true if you employ the best possible sales strategies to beat your completion by using an easy to use CRM solution that helps businesses to gain more leads, find new customers and increase the customer lifecycle by managing the customer and their interactions with your company.

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We hope that with the help of these following tips, your business will be on its way to new heights by increasing sales and bringing in more revenue:

  1. Follow Through

This might seem obvious, but following through is often overlooked as your business grows with time. For example, if during your last meeting, you have promised to fax a brochure, send an email, or touch base with additional information, then do it. Remember in sales you are only as good as your words and therefore following through with your promises will give you and your company the credibility you need to secure future sales.
If you know what is a CRM platform, and has adopted one to help your business, using an easy to use CRM software always helps you to remember your commitments just in time, so that the promises that you made to your leads, prospects, and customers do not fall through the crack.

  1. Foster An Ongoing Relationship

Making a sale can be exciting both for you and for your organization. However, things should not stop over here. Repeat business from existing customers by up-selling and cross-selling your offerings, is an excellent way to build and nourish an ongoing relationship with the buyers of your products and services, increasing the Customer Lifetime Value of your consumers. If you are a user of a best small business CRM software, it can easily remind you to call your customers to see how things are going. It can also find out their personal preferences, a few weeks after your sale and then send automated and customized email campaigns to keep them aware of your new offerings as per their respective interests.

At times, the post-sales conversation with your customers does not always need to revolve around business matters. Per say, if you and your customer have a common interest in baseball, gardening, or movies, talking about such out-of-business topics helps in showing that you care for them and that you genuinely appreciated their social activities.

  1. Stick To Deadlines

Let us assume you have a sale going through this Sunday. A customer tells you that the person is interested in buying your goods or services; however, that individual cannot close the deal until next week. What do you do? Do you extend the sale offer to accommodate the customer’s needs?  No. We recommend sticking to your sales deadlines helps in building credibility and heighten the sense of urgency around the purchase decision-making process.
Nevertheless, occasionally this policy can be altered on a case-to-case basis, especially if after looking into the customer data in your easy to use CRM; you believe that the customer will not ask for a sale extension again, as the person has never requested anything as such before.

Therefore, talk to your sales reps about individual situations before taking actions to better understand your buyer’s needs.

  1. Do Not Rush For Referrals

Referrals are one of the most reliable ways to build and grow your business. However, it is important not to ask for a referral too soon. Therefore, before asking for a referral, get a pulse on how your customer is feeling about your brand and your company. Primarily, you need to understand that your customers are overwhelmingly happy with your product or service, and customer support before you request for the referral.

For this, try communicating with your selected customers on the phone a few weeks after the beginning of your post-sales relationship. Ask them how they are feeling about your organization and only if they respond favorably, you may consider it to be the right time to see if they know about someone who may be interested in your offerings.

Never be scared to ask for a referral, you will be surprised to learn how generous happy customers can be.

  1. Practice Active Listening

Think back to the last time you spoke with your best friend. Chances are good that he or she actively listened to how you were doing and subsequently for their attentiveness; you came back from the conversation feeling loved and refreshed.

The best sales reps recreate these same feelings by asking their leads and customers probing questions about their business and then let them tell their requirements in detail.

Active listening on your part makes the customer feel that you care for their needs and is not just focused on hard selling.
Make the conversation meander around what you can do for them and you will likely have a loyal customer, who will remain for a long time.

  1. Be Cordial When Discussing The Competition

Lastly, badmouthing the competition in front of a prospective customer is never a good idea. Although there is nothing wrong in discussing the competitors of your brand with your customer and explaining where your offerings stand tall, nevertheless, try to stay miles away from saying something outright negative about your contenders.
Actually, any sort of backbiting behavior will reflect poorly on you and your organization. Therefore, it is always best to tread the high road and be cordial when discussing the competition in front of your consumers.


We guess, entrepreneurs, small business owners who are users of easy to use CRM software platforms, and sales reps, those who use these tips to knock out their competitors, by showing that they are polished professionals are the ones whom anyone will be proud to do business with.

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Therefore, using these tips along with the best small business CRM software solution like ConvergeHub is sure to get you more sales and thereby help your small business to amass more revenue.

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