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9 Powerful Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business Faster

Marketing | by Steve Conway
Marketing Strategies To Grow Business Faster

When it comes to marketing strategies, the first thing is undoubtedly decoding the customers’ psyche. Because no amount of ad spending is enough if you do not know your customers. In fact, tools and technology also fall short when you don’t know what your customers want.

So, before you talk about more leads, more sales, and more profits, precisely, you need to know how to strategize your marketing plans that align with your customers’ psyche. When you talk about CRM tools for customer lifecycle management, it’s a lot about the parameters for understanding user behavior. Here’s a look at some key strategies that aid smart marketing moves.

Set Your Goal & a Budget

What works behind your powerful marketing strategies? It’s certainly a goal. Whether you are an SME or a big enterprise your marketing move should be goal driven. Your budget also depends on that. According to CoSchedule’s Marketing Statistics, organized marketers are 674% more likely to succeed in their marketing efforts.

So, what’s the basis for setting up your goal and budget? Here’s how ConvergeHub helps you get set.

  • It provides a real-time, real-time snapshot of KPIs from the ConvergeHub dashboard. Measure your traffic and revenue, so that you can set up your next objective
  • Get real-time data on your marketing spend. It makes it easier for you to decide if your expenses are getting results. If they are not, it’s time to set your marketing budget right from the start.

With a goal and budget, it’s way easier to work on strategy building. Experts believe a data-backed strategy is 90% more likely to bring results. Over time you can check if your marketing goal is well achieved by four major KPIs

  • Deals By Expected Close Date,
  • Leads By Source
  • Lead Acquisition
  • Deal Acquisition.

Building a Brand Image

The smartest marketing strategy is the one that makes brands emotionally connect with their audience. It’s not always about spending on ads. A lot of times, it’s about creating an emotional impact. You are surely a winner if you are doing that successfully. For small businesses, this is one of the fastest-growing marketing moves to bring success.

Some of the best methods to create a far-reaching influence are the following

  • Influencer marketing
  • Email marketing
  • PPC campaigns
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display ads
Most cost-effective online customer acquisition method

At ConvergeHub, you can track the success of each of your marketing methods with real-time data. At the same time, you can track user behavior which also helps you understand if you have successfully established your brand image.

Promote employees as thought leaders

Employee advocacy is one of the biggest strategies brands can leverage for smart marketing. Nearly 95% of the conversions result from employee advocacy posts. Not only it amplifies the brand message, but also creates a lasting impact. Advocacy posts are promotional which leaves a positive impact on the potential customers of the brand. According to LinkedIn, more than 60% of salespeople are more likely to close deals via social selling than less tech-savvy salespeople. Keep in mind, your employees are not just your intellectual capital, they are your brand ambassadors too.

Go Social

Social Media marketing is an undeniably successful marketing strategy. Going social not only gives you exposure but also establishes your identity. Millennial customers mostly exist on social media more than anywhere else. This means, you can reach out to a significant volume of your potential customers from your social channels, which is otherwise not possible. Experts believe that it’s important to figure out the channel appropriate for your business.

Social CRM Software
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With ConvergeHub, you can check which social channels are getting you positive results. SImultaneously, this platform allows you to target different priority market through each campaign. Social media marketers can change their targets, accounts, potential leads in each campaigns and get the real time statistics about the performance.

Emails Work Wonder

While email marketing is often disregarded as a traditional marketing tool, email marketing is a great way for customer acquisition, revenue generation and more. Even today, it’s one of the most powerful marketing strategies that bring positive results.

So, how to improve your maketing strategy using emails?

  • A long-term content strategy attracts organic traffic
  • Send out offers and updates
  • Send subscription notifications

Emails are cold marketing strategies to bring results. ConvergeHub brings you a complete set of tools to make your email marketing campaigns a big success. In fact, it offers a detailed view of the results of every email you send. Using the platform, you can send content-specific email to your customers. You can design templates as well. There’s a whole set of predefined templates in categories like Seasonal Holidays, Newsletters, Business, Press Release, and Showcase. The best part is you can create customized ones using ConvergeHub Rich-Text HTML Editor.

Blogging Actually Helps

Smart blogging results in organic traffic inflow to your website. Brands often leverage blogs as their marketing tool. Brands using blogs are twice more likely to attract organic traffic than the brands which are not. But, all when you do it wisely.

So, how to go about it.

  • Get your niche. Brands do have their own, but choosing one is often the hardest part. The best you can do is research a bit on your customers’ needs and present your blog as a solution.
  • Be informative as much as possible. Because people will look for solutions in your blog and nothing else.
  • You must have a promotional strategy while writing your blog. Clearly, you are promoting your product while giving solutions. Brands that do effective content marketing are most likely to attract organic traffic than brands that do not.
  • Your content assets are likely to double the impact over the time when you do it regularly.
  • Get outreach tools and start campaigns to reach out to the influencers who resonate with your products and services. This way, you can make them do the talking about your blog and eventually your product.

SEO is not yet dead!

Organic ranking for targeted keywords is still a big thing. No paid campaigns can beat that. To rank in the SERPs, keywords are still the catch. They attract high-quality leads that are sustainable too. Here’s what you can follow:

  • Long tail keywords with low competition are a winning match. But, make sure it’s in line with your audience’s needs.
  • Use cutting-edge tools like SEMRush simultaneously with Google Keywords Planner. Work on the high ROI keywords for long-term benefits

Revamp the Landing Pages!

Landing pages affect conversions the most and immediately impact the website. Revamping the landing page is one of the amazing marketing strategies for small businesses. Start your marketing campaign with a landing page talking about your products and services. It depicts your business goal and at the same time offers your clients what they are looking for, thus leading them to take the action. Link your keywords with your product page. Believe it or not, this simple act can do wonders for your conversion rates.

Target Local SEO in Google

Local SEO is one of the most reliable marketing strategies for any small business. If you are not known locally, you are not going to make a big impact. Google local listing thus helps a lot and becomes one of the key driving forces to a higher rank in SERPs. SMEs should focus on local SEO and work on this strategy in the initial phase.

The Final Takeaway

Last but not the least, every marketing strategy is directed not only to win customers but also to retain existing customers. More than 67% of businesses across various industrial sectors rely on their existing customer base during the post-Covid era. The existing customer base serves a steady revenue stream. Thus, the marketing strategies of many brands are designed to keep their existing customer base happy.

With ConvergeHub, you can get real-time data on each and every marketing campaign you run on the web. Based on that, your sales team starts their work. Even when a particular campaign is not bringing results, you can asses where it has gone wrong. Accordingly, you can revamp your marketing moves.

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