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Hyper-Personalize Your Sales Outreach

Increase Your Sales Outreach with ConvergeHub. I’m sure you’ve heard of sales automation or of integrated applications of customizable sales tools that can be used to streamline the sales cycle.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds, success in sales automation requires strategy. You must differentiate yourself from the thousands of other sales automators.


By hyper-personalizing your outreach

You’ve sent automated templated emails and made calls in hopes to engage with a potential client and book a demo, right?

But have you tried engaging on social media, sending video messages, physical postcards or even gifts/swag in the same flow?

If you’re only using email and phone then you’re not being efficient. Extend your campaign cycles and diversify your outreach so that you aren’t a pest. Show that you care in your outreach and show that you have a passion for what you do.

Never underestimate the impact of the personal touch and here’s why:

1. Email

The mode of communication that we just won’t give up on – regardless of the less than ideal results.

Email is easy, it works (sometimes), it’s cheap, you can use customizable tokens, and there are even companies that will let you put your messages on blast. Spam blast – and that is exactly where your email is likely to end up.

When crafting your emails make sure that each and every word has meaning and every single touch provides value.

Tip: Offer leads an option to schedule with you instead of forcing them to click on a calendar link.

2. Phone

All sales teams pick up the phone to make dials in some capacity and going into a call cold has a drastic impact in the chance you’ll convert that lead.

When including phone calls in your campaign there are two things you want to make sure of.

(1) Have you done all you can to warm up this lead?

With having multiple methods of engagement, comes the benefit of getting your name, or even better, your face in front of a lead before a potential call.
By sending out the postcard alone, there’s a 77% chance they will recognize your brand.

(2) Are you asking the right questions?

Understanding your lead and their potential needs is the first step to identifying their pain and how you can help.

How can you understand your prospects? Research.

In the past, I would use Google to find a leads personal and company LinkedIn profile so that I could gain a better understanding of their role and responsibilities as well as what type of goods or services they provide, who they’ve worked with, and what the company size is.

Now, I find it easiest to use a sales tool that already pulls important information for me and summarizes it on my dashboard.

3. Social Selling

Social selling is everywhere and it’s not just limited to Twitter but that’s where I’ll focus as it’s one of the best channels for meeting new prospects.

Here’s the low-down: Tweet daily about your industry, follow industry thought leaders, be an industry thought leader, use hashtags (in your own tweets and in searching for conversations), engage with other users and have real conversations.

4. Video Messaging

Did you know that adding video to email has been documented to increase click-throughs by 100 to 200% and conversions by 50%?

These aren’t your average marketing promo videos though — these are personal video messages. Meaning, you filmed yourself using a webcam, introduced yourself, smiled, and kept it short and sweet.

5. Physical Postcards

Check your inbox! How many emails do you see? How many will you delete? It’s no wonder MailChimp’s Email benchmarks have the average email open rate of 20% or less…

BUT 98% of Americans check their mail daily according to the USPS – The Mail Moment.

They’ll also tell you the 69% of people feel that direct mail is more personal.

If those stats aren’t enough for you, consider the impression direct mail leaves, the enhanced delivery, the trust you’re building, and even how much you enjoy getting direct mail yourself – especially if it’s pretty.

6. Gifts and Swag

Like direct mail, people love a present. When done right, gifting potential clients is an excellent way to build rapport.

If you know Marc is a Cubs fan, send him over a hat. If you know Susan is a huge coffee drinker, send her a branded mug.
By sending gifts or branded gear to your potentials, you’re closing up that package with a pretty bow on top.

If you’re sitting there now saying to yourself: “This is great and all but no application has seamlessly put these together” or “that’s great but that hassle of dealing with six applications isn’t worth it,” you would’ve been right a year ago; however, Cliently has taken the stage to do just that (and a bit more).

Comment below and let me know what your greatest obstacles are when it comes to sales automation.

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