Alexa Ways to Grow Your CRM Database and Email List

A Dozen Ways to Grow Your CRM Database and Email List

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We all know that email marketing is still in vogue and alive. Despite the steady growth of social media marketing and other types of marketing outreach to grow the CRM database, email marketing stands as the bedrock of most marketing strategies used in tandem with online lead management software.

However, to build up a powerful email marketing presence, it is necessary to build up a continuously expanding customer database in CRM to expand your email list.

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Here are some tips that will help you to grow your customer database in CRM easily:

#1. Have an Opt-In Form

It is really laborious to collect fresh names for your email list if you do not have a way for your prospects to opt into your email distribution system. Therefore, create a simple web form to make it easy for people to sign up. This is the primary necessity of an effective email list management plan.

#2. Keep Your Form Simple

Ask only for names and email addresses- or just the email address if possible. You can collect more information later on after you succeed in engaging them.

#3. Place Your Opt-In Form on Your Site

Place your opt-in form to increase your CRM database around your website, to make it visible in several places. Remember to place it on higher value pages that get the most traffic. Make it a point to make the form easy to see, because few people will search for an opt-in form on their own.

#4. Reassure Subscribers

Write a line on your opt-in page that can reassure your potential subscribers that will not sell their email addresses or send them any spam. This assurance will go a long way in bringing new subscribers as distressful spam emails are so prevalent these days.

#5. Produce a Killer Blog

Write killer blogs with click-bait titles. Since people will always take notice of your publications if you upload a blog that delivers helpful advice covering pertinent topics. The main objective here is to provide insights to your audience that can make their life easier following your suggestions, ideas, and advice.
Always remember to include an option for the readers of your blog to opt into your mailing list at the conclusion of each blog post on your blogging website.
It is imperative that if your blog contents are engaging, your readers will want to sign up and provide you with their email addresses, which will ultimately increase your customer database in CRM.

#6. Write an eBook

Publish an eBook that can educate your readers on any topic of interest in your respective market. Get the eBook with a web form that collects contact information. So that each of your eBook downloads, will provide you a new address and expand the email-marketing database in your online lead management software platform.

#7. Develop a White Paper

If you have required expertise and the capacity to produce a white paper on your products or services, you must do it. Make sure that your white paper presents a solution to any common problem that your prospects or customers are facing. Much like your eBook campaigning strategy, upload the white paper with a lead capture form to find new email addresses for each download.

#8. Reward Them Who Opt-In

Offer a coupon, time-bound discount, or some other form of motivation for opting to your mailing list. You will be really surprised to see how successful even a little incentive can be in return for making people happy with your trivial gifts.

#9. Use Web Pop-Ups

Use an easy to use CRM platform that has marketing automation capabilities (like ConvergeHub) that lets you place web pop-ups on your business website. Use the pop-ups to display your opt-in forms with a simple message telling your website visitors that they can stay tuned and up-to-date with your corporate discounts and what is new happening with your brand by signing up to your mailing list.

#10. Offer Free Demos

Provide your audience with the ability to view a virtual demonstration of your products and services, through your website. Ask them to provide their contact emails in exchange for the demo to enrich your CRM database.

#11. Use Exit Intent Pop-Ups

When any visitor is about to leave your website, make sure that an exit intent pop-up appears and offer a discount or some other form of incentive to the visitor for sticking around. Inform the visitors that all they need to do to receive the offer is provide their name and email address before leaving your website.

#12.  Promote Items of Interest on Social Media

These could be new offerings, discounts, promotions or anything else that is likely to pique the interest of your audience. Share your information on all social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and others to expand your reach, and of course, let them know that you require their email addresses to take advantage of the offer.

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