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Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence: Which to Use When

CRM | by Patricia Jones
Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence

While Artificial Intelligence has made significant strides in our daily lives, in the business premises it has become a survival imperative. Artificial Intelligence is being extremely mainstream nowadays. It has brought anther new debate to the scene, comparing two competing paradigms of AI and human intelligence.

To explore further into the debate, the first thing that must be taken into note is that Artificial Intelligence is built to create intelligent systems. But, AI is vey much the product of human intelligence. This is designed to accomplish jobs that are similar to those performed by humans. The question here is if AI is adequate on its own. This article covers a wide range of subjects, including the potential impact of AI on the future of work and the economy, how AI differs from human intelligence, and the ethical considerations that must be taken into account.

45% of the organizations resort to Artificial Intelligence for the Customer Support

There are good reasons for this. Artificial intelligence is the product of human intelligence is true , but the former can perform tasks more effectively than human beings. AI can quickly sort through customer questions and direct them to the right agent, or even answer simple questions on its own.

Unlike humans, AI can effectively handle a large and good volume of interactions at the same time. It is something that would require a lot of time and resources if done manually. Addressing the individual concern again would be extremely time-consuming. , AI can work 24/7 which means that customers can get help even outside of regular business hours of the human agents.

But there’s a strong affinity for human-first strategy too

Although AI can efficiently handle a lot of tasks quickly, it is not efficient and “intelligent” enough to handle human emotions. Neither it can provide empathetic responses that the person on the other side is expecting. There can be situations where AI Chatbots fall short of providing the appropriate solutions to the issues. In such situations customers feel frustrated or need a more personalized approach. Human interaction is the key here.

Secondly, complex customer issues often require a level of problem-solving and creative thinking that AI currently can’t match. Humans can understand nuances and offer tailored solutions, something AI is still far from achieving.

So, while AI is a powerful tool for handling routine tasks and boosting efficiency, a human-first approach is crucial for dealing with more complex, sensitive, or emotional customer service issues.

AI Tools Can Enhance the Performance of Human Support Agents

The adoption of AI in CRM is rapidly evolving with customer support professionals seeing its benefits first-hand. The extraordinary capability of AI tools to expedite manual tasks such as sorting queries, answering common questions, or scheduling is amazing. This allows support professionals to focus on more complex issues.

Another reason behind the popularity of Artificial intelligence is its predictive capabilities. It can successfully analyze data and predict customer needs or issues before they escalate. For instance, AI might predict when a customer is likely to need support based on their usage patterns and prompt proactive outreach. Plus, AI can suggest solutions and help articles to customers based on the type of their query.

What’s Good About Artificial Intelligence?

Precisely, Artificial Intelligence takes human intelligence a step forward by supporting it with instant solutions and prompt replies. When the former can effectively process information from the vast datasets, it automatically enables human support agents with the following:

Precise Information Handling: AI systems are programmed to process and provide information with high accuracy, minimizing the chances of human error.

Consistency in Responses: AI maintains consistent responses for straightforward queries, ensuring uniformity in customer service.

Data-Driven Insights: AI tools analyze customer data and trends to offer precise, tailored responses or solutions.

Thus, a human support agent already gets the optimum support from the AI without even investing much time in data analysis and other manual processes that is the part and parcel of his daily job.

AI Blended with Human Intelligence Creates a Powerful Combination

Here’s a real life example on how Artificial and Human Intelligence together can create an ecosystem for CRM success. Consider using artificial intelligence tools in the online retail setting. Different types of customers arrive in an online space and some are global too. When a customer inquires about product availability, an AI chatbot can instantly check the inventory, providing real-time, accurate stock levels. This particular task when approached by human agents consumes a lot of time. There are high chances that the agent is new in the store and cannot comprehend the customer’s request properly. With AI, all these hassles can be eliminated. This not only saves time but also reduces the potential for human error, such as misinforming a customer about product availability.

The same happens at the time of billing as well. Just imagine, when it comes to managing an intricate charging issue or a delicate billing issue with the customers, most of the time they want to have words with the human delegates who can correctly comprehend the issue, and the reason behind their disappointment and accordingly comes up with prompt and compassionate input, and proposition arrangements custom-made to their special conditions. Unlike Artificial intelligence, human specialists can significantly evolve their methodology in dealing with client issues.

It’s important to figure out that efficient customer service is the outcome of a mix of human and simulated intelligence support. It needs a decent and balanced methodology – one that is human-driven and computer-based intelligence helped!

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