Alexa Indisputable Features Of An Effective Easy To Use CRM Software

A Checklist Of Six Indisputable Features Of An Effective CRM Software Solution

CRM | by Patricia Jones
Easy to use CRM

The customer is the lifeline of your brand, which in turn makes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) the catalyst for the success of your business.
This is because easy to use CRM software solutions mostly have simple to use interfaces that are backed by robust algorithms which makes it easier to run businesses by creating active engagements with your customers.
Therefore, here are 6 checklists of an effective and great Features Of An Effective CRM Software Solution for your business growth:

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1. All Functionalities Within One Single Window

Without jumping between windows, your easy to use CRM must have the ability to aid your team members to view every detail of the actions taken by the customers in a single window.

Easy to use CRM is a solution that is capable of capturing all available information about the customers, leads, and prospects from all sources that include call centers, branches, emails, SMS, web integrations and more in order to offer the best possible personalized service to the customers.

Therefore an effective all-in-one 360-degree CRM view of the prospects and customers in the CRM database creates a unified destination for all customer-facing information that eliminates the requirement for hopping between different silo software platforms.

2. Complex Yet Simple

The success and growth of any company do not hinge on how advanced a technology is that they are using for the success of their business. Rather to say, it depends on how the technology is acting as an enabler to the workforce to make them more productive in their workplace.

Hence right from the start, efficient easy to use CRM should have a simple interface, irrespective of the complexities that are involved in the making and working of the software.

This is because the complexity of the CRM software mostly affects the user’s experience of the solution which can very easily lead to loss of efficiency of the CRM solution even before proper adoption of the software.

3. Easy Integrations

Irrespective of the legacy software solutions that you use, an easy to use CRM that you choose should be able to retrospectively integrate with your businesses’ core IT infrastructure.

In other words, the features and tools of your CRM, be it an enterprise-level robust CRM solution like Salesforce or any other Salesforce Alternative CRM for startups and small business, should actually integrate seamlessly and optimize the operations in your business, rather than create new investment headaches for your organization.

4. Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

Now that you have invested in your easy to use CRM software, the solution should be actively beneficial to fulfill the targets of your business and also the expectation of your customers.

In other words, your easy to use CRM solution should create a customer service platform that addresses proactively all the pain-points of the customers.
It must be a solution that can motivate and persuade your support staffs to cater a more professional service to your customer base.

In fact, right SLAs and quicker resolutions along with defined metrics help in rendering delightful and world-class customer experience.

5. Evaluation and Projections

All business big or small survives under evaluations in terms of their failure and success, upon which companies strategize their very best next moves.

Monitoring tools in an easy to use CRM helps in recording the activities and interactions of customers and employees that relates to their business.

Therefore effective CRM solutions with the aid of this historical data can make digital predictions about demand spikes, market trends, customer sentiments for your brand and more, that can help in shaping a better tomorrow for your company.

6. Flexible, Scalable And Efficient

Finally, for any entrepreneur, their ultimate aim is to grow in capacity and scale in their business.
Therefore, if you know what is a CRM, then what good is a solution if the cost of its upgrade gets in your way?

As the features of any effective CRM are important on a long-term basis, so the easy to use CRM software that you are interested in investing for your business should also expand and be scalable in proportion to your businesses’ growth.

However, this scalability of the software should never compromise the efficiency of the software, as we should always remember that investing in CRM is a long-term commitment that should not be looked through a prism just for bring short term sales and revenue growth.


As we all know a great easy to use CRM translates to greater opportunities in business by providing delightful and happy customer engagements, therefore we suggest all business owners should most essentially consider these six most important factors before finalizing on choosing their CRM system for rapid business growth .

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