Alexa Mistakes That Kill Sales and How To Avoid Them With Easy To Use CRM

Common Mistakes That Kill Sales and How To Avoid Them

Sales | by Patricia Jones
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All businesses big or small fundamentally rely on sales for their sustenance and for reaching their desired goals.
Therefore every business in the market strives hard to close and win more sales, as it is directly proportional to the revenue earned by the company.
Now, achieving more sales does not only depend on the technological improvements (like implementing an easy to use CRM solution) that you lay down for the growth of your business but accomplishing more sales is also underpinned by the extent to which your sales reps are willing to rectify the mistakes that deliberately affects it.

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Hence, here are a few most common mistakes that inevitably affect the performance of sales in any business, as well as ways that can help you to avoid them:

  1. Not Knowing Your Customer Base

After you have started a business, you and your employees may have seriously brainstormed on things like methods to market your offerings, pricing it, adding improvements, calculating your profit margins and so on.

But have you thought of who you are going to sell it?

Mistake #1

Once people are all set for starting their business, people mostly ignore the importance of identifying their ideal customer or the crowd that is striving to buy it.

Therefore it is most important that businesses must explicate their target audience and reach out for the right prospect which will help them to augment their sales.

Creating buyer personas for your offerings by using an easy to use best small business CRM software if you are a startup is one of the most crucial pre-requisites for increasing your sales.

How you can find your ideal customers

  • Do research as to who can benefit from your offerings, whether it is for youngsters, kids, senior citizens based on what it does
  • Create a customer profile based on the psychographic and demographic information of your target audience
  • View the success and failure factors of your competitors in the marketplace to understand more what the preferences of your ideal customers are
  • Hear from your customers why your offerings satisfy them and what makes them retain to your brand, which will help in creating better buyer personas
  • Conduct research with the help of social media to sort out the behavior of your prospects


  1. Cluttering Product/Service Pages With Inferior UI Design

Nowadays most businesses smart sell to customers using social media and several other online channels.

Therefore, to grab the credibility of your offerings among customers is really hard while selling online.

This is because, online customers do not see your face, but they judge you by the looks of your application or your website.

Mistake #2

Not concentrating on creating a convenient and legit layout.

Overseeing errors in category collaborations, using random colors, including too many types of fonts, and others create major impacts such as:

  • Increase in bounce rate
  • Diminish credibility of your online app or website

How to create a great interface

Make it simple

People looking for their requirements online have an affinity towards clear and simple website interfaces, rather than complex UI.
Therefore, leave more space; think about increasing the number and size of characters per lines, and navigate buttons using hierarchy.

Design for mobile use

According to research done by Gartner, it has been found that nowadays 88% of consumers those that want to buy your offerings have already searched your business on their mobile device like Smartphone.
Hence make your application and website responsive so that it can fit all type of popular devices that will help the users to easily navigate through your enlisted offerings.

Connect emotionally to users

Colors are an effective way to stir people’s emotions. Therefore, use relevant colors to create emotional bonding with the users of your app and website.
You can also upload convincing images of your offerings along with emotional touches to feel the pulse of your visitors.

  1. Not Paying Attention To The Online Customer Reviews

Once you are selling online, every day you will definitely find members of your customer base posting countless reviews, comments, and rating related to your offerings, that help other prospective customers of your brand to narrow down their research and make faster decisions with greater assurance on your offerings.

Mistake #3

Neglecting the online reviews made by your customers and thereafter not taking actions based on those reviews can greatly impact the reputation of your brand.

While negative reviews will for certain affect your credibility and sales, every star from the customers will also provide a chance to increase your revenue.

How to handle reviews

Engage a resource to handle reviews

Allocate an employee in your organization just for handling online reviews will deliver shrewd results, as doing this will make sure that all the comments and reviews are addressed relevantly.

Reply to negative reviews

Negative reviews published online can shoo-away potential prospects and customers from your brand. Therefore to overcome this challenge respond promptly to the reviews like a person and not like a company. Admit your mistakes and thereafter provide adequate and effective solutions with appropriate comments.

Deal with positive reviews

Positive reviews are a boon to any business. Hence, if you are not responding to positive reviews you are definitely missing out on your opportunities.
Convey your gratitude by saying thank you, ask your customers what you can do better and then reinforce your offerings as per their suggestions.

  1. Not Including Call-To-Actions

All your online marketing endeavors are expected to fetch some action from your prospects and customers.
Call-to-Action (CTA) is a functionality that asks them to take that action whenever you ask your prospects or customers to do something or respond in some way.

Mistake #4

Not asking your prospects and customers to take the required action. Since it is of no use in putting forward a marketing content to the customers and not asking them to do anything with it.

How to make most out of a CTA button

Place CTA in the right location

Although you can place the CTA anywhere on your landing pages, however, some placements are more convincing than others.
For example, placing a CTA just above the fold on your landing page or sometimes even below the fold along with a directional clue helps in generating more engagements.

Keep the CTA convincing

As mentioned earlier a right combination of text, design, and colors helps in establishing an emotional connection with the customers.
Therefore, select persuasive shapes and colors for your CTA.
Moreover, be sure that the text in the CTA is clear and readable by your prospects and customers.

Wrap Up

Capitalizing on the power of sales is indispensable for all businesses, whereby every win adds up to the continuing growth of your business.
Therefore, by avoiding these aforementioned mistakes and by acting out these suggested methods you can easily reinvigorate the diminishing numbers in your sales process and as a result find rapid business growth.

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