Alexa ConvergeHub Mobile CRM App - Why Every Business Should Use

ConvergeHub Mobile CRM App – Why Every Business Should Use?

Technology | by Patricia Jones
ConvergeHub Mobile CRM App

ConvergeHub Mobile CRM App – Why Every Business Should Use it to gain from the best SMB CRM. One year back, if someone would have surveyed most favorite business mobile apps– then probably Meeting Mapper, EchoSign and Evernote would have acquired the top position. After all, these apps help business entrepreneurs outsmart their daily work challenges.

Yet recently, a business app which has rapidly gained a foothold among the C-level executives is – Mobile CRM app.

Forrester Research in 2008 found that more than 40% of SMB entrepreneurs were rolling out or currently using smart phone applications for sales, marketing and customer management.

Observing the trend, Forbes reported in 2012, that there were in total – 110 CRM applications in the Apple App Store and 47 in the Android App Store.

In fact, The Gartner Group has predicted an incredible growth rate of 500% for mobile CRM by 2014.

What has caused this fervor about Mobile CRM App?

The concept of mobile CRM app is different because – it’s about both business and pleasure.

So when you have tasks like responding to colleagues about a project, reviewing real-time data – you can do it sitting in your favorite restaurant watching Chelsea and Real Madrid fighting it out.

Tasks which previously kept you tethered to your desktop — are now accomplished in just a few clicks from your mobile phone and tablet.

ConvergeHub CRM – MobileApp

Optimized for the latest enterprise-class of mobile devices, ConvergeHub Mobile Version is easy to use, easy to deploy, works online on multiple devices, and adapts to your changing business needs.

If that’s not enough,

Here are 6 compelling reasons why ConvergeHub CRM Mobile App Is best for your business.

  1. Access to everything

Logging into the ConvergeHub CRM app on your phone or tablet, you will get access to the latest uploaded leads, contacts, accounts, deals, reports, campaigns, notifications and a handy view of today’s tasks. Not to forget the six different panels – Upcoming Activities, Leads By Source, Deals By Expected Close Date, What’s New, Lead Acquisition & Deal Acquisition.

Everything that’s stored in the CRM will be searchable, clickable and sharable through your device. Isn’t that powerful – helping you save your time, effort and money? So next time when you have an impromptu hallway meeting with your client, you can find and display a recent presentation (saved in the CRM library), without needing to be at your desktop.

  1. Connect with people anytime

Impressed a potential client with your elevator speech? Take down his details through the ConvergeHub Mobile CRM app.

ConvergeHub lets you extract optimum gain out of your CRM investment; by allowing you to use it in the field to update contacts, request data, and always have access to the latest customer information.

  1. Friendly interface – No fuss

User adoption is crucial to the success of a mobile CRM solution. So instead of just shrinking ConvergeHub CRM desktop version to fit on a smartphone, we have newly designed and optimized ConvergeHub

Mobile CRM version to suit your compatibility. And the result is – a rich, familiar experience with an easy Intuitive Interface to ensure quick user adoption.

  1. Collaboration on the go

Away from your desk, your only connection to your work is the emails that come in your inbox. But then, is that sufficient enough?

Or do you need something extra to keep you connected 24/7. With the new ConvergeHub CRM Mobile App, you can stay highly responsive by viewing and replying to real-time conversation feeds – even when you are enjoying life away from your desk.

A simple ‘follow’ or a long ‘comment’ is just a click away from your phone/tablet.

  1. View reports and dashboards

Business happens any moment, and most often the situation demands us to make decisions quickly. Getting the facility of viewing report and dashboard updates on campaigns, leads, and pipeline in a flash will keep the business at your fingertips.

Takeaway – You will exactly know which sales/marketing actions are working and what needs improvement from anywhere you happen to be.

  1. Freedom to choose any device

Best mobile devices demand the best mobile CRM application. We have designed ConvergeHub mobile version to make you enjoy a full blown CRM experience on all devices. Our objective – to provide you with a real choice of how and where you wish to access your ConvergeHub account

Please note: At present ConvergeHub CRM is compatible only with Android phones. Compatibility with iOS devices is under development.

ConvergeHub Mobile CRM in action

Imagine the competitive advantage you will gain from enabling your mobile staff to easily access and update the CRM throughout the day?

Or being able to raise quotations on the fly?

Or define a series of action to be carried out automatically from their ConvergeHub account?

Well, you can do all this and more with ConvergeHub Mobile CRM.

ConvergeHub Mobile CRM will make things easier and simpler for your employees because it will work seamlessly on their preferred mobile device. Unlike other applications that demand complex development with added cost, you can leave the headache of development and maintenance to us.

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ConvergeHub Mobile CRM in action

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