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CRM with Invoicing and Billing: QuickBooks CRM- Big Advantage and Efficiency That Means Money

CRM | by Patricia Jones
QuickBooks CRM

A CRM working all alone in a silo is not enough to bring business to the next level for all small and medium businesses. However, easy to use CRM software with billing like ConvergeHub QuickBooks CRM, connected to other aspects of your business, can provide your business with that extra push.

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The growing use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools by small and medium businesses have created a cliché for the modern digital age- if you want your SMB to grow and succeed you are going to need a CRM.

As banal as it is, nevertheless the declaration rings true. Relationship with your consumers is crucial, and the tools that you deploy to manage these are just as important for the better performance of your business.

Let us take the thought a little further. Many businesses realize quickly that just an easy to use CRM for small and medium businesses, working alone, is not enough to get your business to the next level. Although a CRM with billing and invoicing, connected to other aspects of business like a QuickBooks CRM for sales teams, would be much better.

Here are some of the critical reasons why a CRM with invoicing and billing is a good idea for the growth of your business:

 1. Efficiency and Cash Flow

Every company owner acknowledges and knows that cash flow is the terra firma of businesses. You can always argue that the more efficient your invoicing and billing is, the healthier your cash flow position can become over time. As for whether you are running a multinational establishment or one-man operating out of your garage, you need money to empower your business and ensure that it keeps running smoothly.

Therefore, when the best small business CRM and billing systems are not integrated, small businesses can find themselves losing track of billable items and unpaid invoices, which seldom happens when your CRM software provides QuickBooks CRM integration free .
For not doing so, mostly makes expenses fall through the crack, discounts being offered too liberally, employees forgetting to log time sheets or invoices being not followed up methodically on time.

All these inefficiencies in any small and medium business organization can add up to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in lost revenue, which can be the difference between a profitable business and a costly one- especially if you are in small businesses.

2. Tracking Every Billable Dollar (Do not Lose the Money You have already Earned)

Let us delve deep into those missed billable items. Businesses often miss out on the revenue that they should have generated, not because of incompetence of their employees, but as sometimes there is just too much information to track manually. This is one of the reasons we have developed ConvergeHub QuickBooks CRM software the best CRM for QuickBooks online.

A robust easy to use CRM system helps you to consolidate all your business data in one central application, making it easier to keep track of customer and prospect related information without having to slog through tons of disconnected spreadsheets, emails, and sticky notes.

Moreover, if your CRM system like ConvergeHub can track projects and support customer tickets on top of that, you have got a full-on business management suite.

For integrating CRM with project management (along with help desk) and billing features lets you take your business several steps further, as doing so, you can automatically capture all revenue related activities across your entire business using only one central app.

Therefore, use QuickBooks CRM to track every dollar you make, be it in projects, sales, or support- and see that everything is billed accurately and on time.

3. Save time and make money


Having a system for handling easy to use CRM, projects, billing, and support also implies that you do not have any risk of making potential and costly mistakes due to double entry or miscounting.

Let us assume you are running a digital marketing agency.

Now if all your employees are required to keep close track of time they are spending doing work for your company’s customers and you are using a separate time tracker for your agency’s projects, you will have to transfer all their data from an app to another billing app in order to generate invoice for your clients.

Would not it be great if these two applications were ready to integrate since it should only take a few seconds to do this task (as it is with ConvergeHub QuickBooks CRM)?

Now if everything is handled by one central software system, your employee’s time sheet can be easily accessed by the bookkeeping and accounting system module to generate accurate invoices and on time.

Therefore, if you can find a CRM that can integrate your business management with your billing app that you can cut down on your operational costs by replacing half a dozen separate apps with one centralized software- why would not you.

4. Keep clients happy by helping them better and faster


Your business does not just revolve around you; it is also about your customers. A QuickBooks CRM that includes invoicing and billing functionalities not only help your business to get paid faster, but it will also help your employees to understand the customers better and therefore build more meaningful relationships.

For example, one of your customers calls your support team and asking about an overdue fee on their latest invoice. With a QuickBooks CRM that integrates customer relationship management with financial software, your support can instantly look into the integrated invoicing and billing module to find information regarding the question been asked by the customer.

Similarly, sales and marketing can easily see what products and service your customers bought from your company in the past using a QuickBooks CRM for sales teams, letting them tailor their marketing materials and sales pitches to address the customer’s needs.

Customers might not like being sold, but they certainly value being assisted by anyone in solving their issues, which consequently increases your sales and support rep’s up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

So what are you going to do?

As a QuickBooks CRM with invoicing and billing make sure that, you are being paid for every moment’s worth of revenue that you rightfully deserve; it sets your business up for success.
Since using QuickBooks CRM software you are not spending your time working on disparate tools, your employees will also find more time to spend on what really matters to your business- your products, your customers, and your services.

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