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How Data Science Can Boost Customer Experience For Rapid Business Growth

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While content marketing may still remain the number one means to reach out to the customers on the internet, but in 2019 making use of data science is also the number one way to keep your customers around once you have caught their attention on the web.
Data science which is also synonymous to big data or machine learning helps businesses that are already using easy to use CRM software platforms to develop a kind of customer experience or CX that leave consumers of your offerings satisfied and looking for more.

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We all know by now, that building customer loyalty is the golden key to longstanding success in any market, irrespective of which industry you are in.

Therefore, in this article let us explore different avenues as to how you can use data science to help your business succeed over time, and provide exceptional customer experience.

Personalize Services to Net Rewards

While it is equally true that consumers get bothered when services are too customized, recommendation services that are geared towards advocating new products and services to the customers, and are of high quality have the potential to rapidly improve sales per customer and price point per order for any brand in the present competitive marketplace.

Spotify, Amazon, Netflix are all benchmark examples of business and services that do a great job recommending the customers about their new products that entrance and excite the customers.

Give Customers What They Need

One reason that Uber faced recently is that potential customers of this transportation network company might avoid using its services for not being able to know how much their fare will be at the end of their rides.

Therefore, to address this grave issue company like Uber nowadays creates fair price calculators that allow the customers to find the best guess of what their fare might be even before they book their rides.

This can be considered as a great example of two ways that big data can be used.

Firstly by aggregating data, Uber apprehended that one of the main reason customers were restraining their need instead of booking the rides was the uncertainty they were facing about what the price of the ride might be at the end of their journey.
Secondly using a fair price calculator, customers can get a near-to-the-actual estimate of what their rides may cost even before they book the ride, and can make sure that what they end up paying is not too far-off from their expected rates.

Although after all, it is impossible to determine the cost of any single ride before it is complete. But calculators like this that uses big data technology to look over thousands of customer-related data of riders who have traveled similar distances at analogous times, found that they can be fairly accurate while providing their customers with their fair price suggestions.

Fix Issues Even Before They Happen

As a negative story about any brand nowadays can spread like wildfire on the social media platforms, therefore it is extremely essential that businesses must avoid issues with their customers, more important than ever to keep away from meting out unpleasant customer experience whenever it is possible, while selling their products and services in this competitive marketplace.

One way big data technology with the help of easy to use CRM software can improve customer experience is by spotting issues that the average human simply cannot see.

For example, several disconnected customer support representatives for a brand might all get separate service calls from customers complaining about a minor issue with their offerings, which can go unnoticed and disregarded for its simplicity.

However, an intelligent system dedicated to machine learning technology can easily identify that problem across an array of call logs in easy to use CRM software and instruct the CRM to send automated alerts to someone higher-up in the organization to investigate the issue immediately.

Optimizing Product Locations

In both online retailing and brick and mortar stores, organizing products and services in an optimal pattern is always necessary and an interesting thing to do.

For example, if a customer is browsing laser printers, having refill cartridges and other accessories for the printing device nearby may seem logical.

But big data is a technology that can perhaps even tell you that someone purchasing a laser printer might also need a new chair or table for their office, or a laptop that perfectly matches that specific customer’s needs.

Therefore big data when used with easy to use CRM software that has all the customers data in its CRM database , can allow your business to better arrange your offerings online and also in brick and mortar stores by creating product association, which greatly increases the amount of customer purchase per visit.


However, businesses also need to careful of the extent to which they should use big data technology for boosting customer experience and consumer satisfaction for their business growth .

In the modern times, there are even many customers that do not trust companies with too much information about their leads, prospects, and customers, and so will opt out of cookies and other collection options whenever they visit your brand’s website.

Therefore the best way for brands to improve customer willingness to share their information is to act responsibly towards their customers, which means companies should protect their customer’s information in their CRM database , never sell their customer-related data to other third-party sources, and use the information they have in their easy to use CRM platforms carefully, only for the benefit of their consumers in the days to come.

Now, if you are further interested in knowing how your organization can engage technology for rapid business growth; continue reading our Business Growth Manifesto”.
Since even the best CRM software and big data technology in the world will not improve your business if your business process is in shambles, your workflow is disjointed, or your employees do not feel the necessity of using the software.

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