Alexa Best ways to promote your product during christmas

Best way to promote any product during christmas

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Christmas Celebration

The best way to promote any product during christmas are those which not only understand the cultural need but also the ritualistic need and the fun involved with it. Celebrating Christmas is a yearly statement of religious beliefs. For many it is the ideal time to exchange presents, and indulge in the more secular aspects of the season. Whatever is the reason for the celebration, Christmas is a time for concerned turkeys, popping shirt buttons and not to forget people spending money.

According to an analysis, we are now spending money more than ever on Christmas. This is precisely why that Christmas today stands as the golden period for enterprises to capitalize upon. But then extracting optimum profits out of Christmas is that easy?

With so many ways for people to shop and spend money and so many businesses trying to take people’s money, the million dollar question is – How can you ensure that your business gets the best chance to cash in on this festive holiday spending spree?

Analyzing the present scenario, online shopping has become the new ‘it’ thing in Christmas. According to a survey, 47% of US participants and 59% of UK participants have decided to carry out the majority of their Christmas shopping online.

The concept of showrooming

At present, the brick and mortar shops are struggling to keep their sales live. Thanks to the technological advancement that has enabled people to access the internet on the move. As a result, most shoppers are now using their mobile to compare prices and products while shopping in store (showrooming). This has turned out to be quite scary for businesses as there is a good chance that customers might find better offers online.

What different can you do?

Experts believe that the rise of the concept of showrooming is not the end of the road. With some forward creative thinking, businesses (holding brick and mortar shops) can use this new trend to their advantage.

Mobile marketing – As the owner of an offline store, you can cash in on the ubiquitous presence of the mobile phones. Mobile marketing has many useful functions and has been used creatively to help businesses and brands flourish. Using any of the mobile marketing techniques, you too can convert the Showrooming trend as the perfect way for your business to connect with customers (who use their mobiles to hunt down a bargain).

SMS Marketing

What most customers want now is the assurance that they are getting a good deal; a feeling that they are special to you and not just another dollar sign. SMS marketing can help you do this by letting your customers know about in-store discounts through messages. Asking for phone number details (through feedback forms) from customers who drop in by your store can be a good tactic for SMS marketing.

This can help you in two ways:

  • Firstly, you will build up a database of customer numbers that are interested in your business and so you can send them promotional messages.
  • Secondly, it means you will hopefully get more purchases from the high percentage of customers who are Showrooming.

Get into the Christmas spirit through Converge CRM

Converge CRM Multi-Channel Marketing functionality expands the marketing prospect for the users. It includes functionality for better management of E-mail marketing, SMS Marketing, FAX Marketing, Voice Broadcast and Social Marketing.

SMS Marketing: Converge has tied up with a third-party associate called Twilio (a leading cloud communications company that allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs). To execute SMS marketing through Converge CRM, all you need to do is buy an account in Twilio to send text messages to all your prospects at one go.

The role of Converge multichannel CRM in an organization is to help business entrepreneurs make use of all the channels of communication. Opting for this cloud CRM software will certainly assure benefits such as increased customer acquisition, satisfaction, wallet share and retention for your business.



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