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Grow your business in 2017 with these 5 easy tips

Small Biz Resources | by Patricia Jones
Grow your business

Learn How to grow your business and get the maximum from it. This year, you made a series of initiatives where you invested a lot-in terms of money, time and sweat. The objective was one: to get your business off the ground. Now finally by the end of 2014 you have successfully managed to make your business pass from the phase of just-started to a small and medium-sized business. Congratulations!

But…now what? You can’t let your business be stagnant. This is the time when you need to plan as to what will be your business strategy in 2015. How will you grow your business the next year?

Read further as we bring for you five easy ways to GROW your business. Understand and implement to see the difference. Don’t forget to share in your feedback with us.

1. Unite with Corresponding Businesses

Align yourself with a business that complements your product/service. This is the fastest way to success. By aligning with other businesses, you automatically win their prospective customers as well.

For instance, most of the current web based CRM solutions have aligned with other enterprise critical solutions like DocuSign, GoToMeeting, Google Apps and Outlook etc. It’s a move that has proved lucrative for the CRM vendors.

They are now being able to promote their application as complete business growth software where users do not have to juggle between different applications. They can manage the entire business from a single interface.

Inevitably, this has quickly attracted the attention of the businesses who are regular users of apps like DocuSign, Outlook and GoToMeeting. They are more likely to prefer the new-age CRMs that provide integration with these renowned and commonly used business applications.

2. Be Structured

Irrespective of which industry you belong to – to be successful in your business, first be organized. Not only will it give you an exact idea of the to-do things but also help you in prioritizing the tasks and getting it done quickly.

So simply create a to-do list for everyday. As and when you complete each task, tick them off. Practice this exercise regularly and you’ll stay on top of your tasks always.

Tip: if you are the tech savvy one, then chuck this manual exercise and opt for CRM solution. Schedule your tasks in the calendar and get their reminders. With the CRM by your side, you’ll never miss the deadline and complete all the tasks timely that are essential to the growth of your business.

3. Target different Avenues

Your current market is serving you well. To capitalize upon it more, do you have other avenues from where you can target it?

If your consumer market ranges B2B businesses, think about where the decision-makers of these organizations spend most of their time. Seminars, trade shows, webinars and exhibitions….let your imagination take you where you need to be. Think about promoting your product and service offerings across all these places.

4. Provide Consistency in Service

You cannot grow your business if you are unable to provide consistent service to your customers in the long run. Especially in today’s time when customers are looking for the same level of service across channels – it’s advisable that you opt for complete and integrated CRM solutions.

They provide cross-channel, consistent customer experiences by breaking down silos. Right from social media, mobile, in-store, and call centre, CRMs map the customer journey across these mediums that enables companies deliver a seamless customer experience.

5. Keep Detailed Records

Knowing your clients just a fraction can always prevent you from being successful and growing your business. So let’s say if you have the detailed records of your customers’ last purchases in your CRM. You look at them and identify that your customers have a preference of shopping during the Christmas. Just knowing this gives you the opportunity to create strategies for up selling and cross-selling whenever December is aroufrdsnd the corner.

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