Alexa How Alternative Lending CRM Can Boost Sales And Relationships

How CRM Software Can Boost Sales And Relationships In Alternative Lending Industry

CRM | by Patricia Jones
Alternative Lending CRM

Every business starts and ends with their customers. That implies how the customers are treated from beginning to end and throughout their customer journey needs to be a high priority issue for all organizations, which can also be easily handled using an Alternative Lending CRM software in the Lending businesses, like Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending, Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) and more.

Total transaction value in the Alternative Lending segment amounts to US$291,474.5m in 2020 - Statista Click To Tweet

According to a recent Tweet by Qualtrics (a privately held experience management company based in the United States.), it was found that:
78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of poor service experience.

Definitely, that is not a piece of hot news; however, it does illuminate the manifold use of adopting an easy to use CRM software platform to improve upon customer support, relationships and more.

Hence, here are some of the ways business growth technology solutions like CRM for Alternative Lending companies can help the lending industry to generate more sales and revenue and provide enhanced customer experience to the consumers of their services:

Build Better Relationships

Have you ever run into that fast-talking salesman who starts talking like your long lost friend just after he meets you?

In the modern information-driven world, this is not an uncommon or far-fetched scenario as being portrayed above.

This is because if you are in any industry the right CRM can do the job of learning and storing years’ worth of relationship-building data with a few short interactions with your customers.

For example, in the lending sector, an efficient CRM for Alternative Lending industry can empower relationship building skills by storing updated and rich contact details, documents, emails, notes, transaction histories, activities, social media updates, and more in the CRM database, which is an ‘easy to find’ repository and the ‘only source of truth’ for all your employees.

This kind of information will not only foster a warm connection throughout the life of your customers, but it will also encourage more deal closures with up-selling and cross-selling activities.

Therefore, using CRM for Alternative Lending companies in lending businesses to nurture the customers throughout their buyer’s journey can guarantee a stellar increase in sales and consequentially rapid business growth.

Stay Connected And Close More Deals

Secondly, using an Alternative Lending CRM to stay plugged in with your customers more often, longer, and from different locations (once you are using a mobile CRM software) will result in not missing the golden opportunities for closing your deals.

Once you use a mobile CRM, you can be sure, that this kind of 24/7 availability and connection rarely goes unnoticed even by your customers that is crucial in the lending businesses which helps to further establish the confidence and trust of your customers for your Alternative Lending brand.

In a study done by Nucleus Research, recently it was found that:
Mobile access to CRM increases sales force productivity by an average of 14.6%.

Since, if your easy to use CRM goes wherever you and your sales reps go, it will enable your sales teams to be more productive, from anywhere they work, be it your office, home or the road.

Therefore, using a CRM for Alternative Lending companies for your financing business means that your sales teams working on that big leads (which might even be a game-changer for your company) will not ever be at risk of missing that one vital email, message, text, or phone call.

Find More Efficiency

Even waiting for a salesperson to pull-up your files, find a credit score, maximum loan availability status and so on can become really irritating and can get aggravated quickly, which can put a dent on your relationship with your customers.

However connecting your easy to use Alternative Lending CRM with popular business apps like QuickBooks Online, DocuSign, Zapier, PieSync, and other integrations can help to solve this issue.

Per se, as one of the most acclaimed QuickBooks CRM software ConvergeHub is a CRM tool that provides QuickBooks CRM integration free and is considered the best QuickBooks CRM for sales teams.

Therefore, integrating the third-party apps with your CRM will make your reps look more efficient and smart and hence leave your customers impressed with your services.

This is because; there is more you need to provide to your customers in modern times than just being polite and friendly. You need to be helpful, fast, and available to make your services count, as your sales numbers and relationship with your customers are all built on delivering effective and efficient service to your customers that can make or break your business in this competitive lender’s marketplace.

CRM for Alternative Lending Industry and Better Business

Delivering excellent customer support is the fastest way to make your business grow and it should be what your business is already doing- right?

Hence, using an Alternative Lending CRM software only extends that very service into better customer relationships but it will even improve your already great customer support operations while increasing sales.

In a gist, running a profitable business venture in the Alternative Lending industry must encompass a business strategy that involves adopting an easy to use CRM which foretells better revenue growth.

Now, if you want to learn more about how you can improve your sales or re-evaluate your customer relationship strategy in the lending industry, you can contact us after reading our page on Alternative Lending CRM which promises to GROW YOUR REVENUE BY 40% IN 12 MONTHS.

For the past few years, we have worked with thousands of small and mid-size businesses to help them with their business growth strategies, since the main purpose of customer engagement for a business or brand is to form a long-term relationship with the customer.

CRM is a cutting-edge software solution that not only help increase conversions of prospects but also ensures long-term customer loyalty that increases chances of customers becoming repeat consumers and eventually advocates of your brand.

Always remember, using Alternative Lending CRM means running a better lending business that is good for you and your customer.
So, why wait!

Buy CRM from ConvergeHub- the award-winning CRM for Alternative Lending industry for small and medium businesses right today!

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