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How small and medium businesses increase sales

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How small and medium businesses increase sales and boost the revenue, learn with us. 2 out of 5 small businesses have ranked time management as the biggest organizational challenge. Surprisingly ¼ of them will not mind paying $500 for an added hour.

How does ineffective time management affect small businesses?

Ineffective time management causes a host of problems. The most important one worth mentioning is – LOW REVENUE (Surprised?)

Sales expert comments – ‘’Apart from low organizational efficiency, low revenue is also the outcome of inadequate time management. This is precisely why, solving time management problems is not just essential for increasing organizational effectiveness but to usher in an era of increased sales too.’’

How ineffective time management minimizes sales?

With less time, finding the right set of potential customers turns out to be an uphill task for the sales representatives.

Sales reps can smoothly bring in a steady flow of customers in less time only if –

  • Leads are routed to the appropriate sales rep
  • Informative data on potential data is provided to the sales team
  • Sales team have a proper visibility to forecast the future pipeline

Experts suggest – ‘’Most often sales managers in small and medium-sized organizations are occupied manually tracking down colleagues to make sales. Once the sales reps are appointed, sales managers waste another large chunk of time, keeping the sales reps in loop during the sales process.’’

While selling takes time, sales reps in small businesses take extra time because –

They do not have the functionality with smartphones/tablets that further delay their selling time. As a result – they make less efficient communication and wait more time for approvals.

How can small and medium businesses increase sales growth?

Considering the above-mentioned situation, many SMB owners are considering new business approaches/strategies to give their sales reps more constructive time to sell. One of these is the tried and tested approach – implementation of collaborative CRM application tools.

CRM expert Richard Boardman has described CRM as an ‘eye-opener’ considering the value of productivity it brings to an organization.

Boardman explains: “CRM systems simplify the selling process to give sales reps more time to sell. Consequent to which, CRM implementation brings small improvement in productivity, which together have a big impact on overall profitability.’’

How ConvergeHub CRM ( cloud based CRM for small business ) increases sales productivity?

  • Quality leads on check: Most often a lot of sales time is spent on leads that aren’t ready to buy at the moment. ConvergeHub CRM filters out the poor quality ones to ensure that sales effort is focused on the more promising opportunities. ConvergeHub CRM allows to score leads based on the prospect’s interaction with the sales professionals. For example, leads which enquired about the different pricing packages and signed up for a webinar might score more highly than those that just generated a basic interest over the product/service. It offers robust lead management processes which avoid wasted effort and have a huge impact on sales productivity.
  • Quick Quote production: Most sales reps consider the creation and generation of sales proposals a real chore. However, ConvergeHub offers a range of predefined quote templates integrated into the CRM system. Inevitably, it speeds up the generation of quotations, and simultaneously improves the quality of the sent-out quotations.

ConvergeHub allows you to raise quotations from your user account. You can see a listed view of all your quotations in one place in the listing page. You can add new quotes directly to the list and adjust the fields displayed in the listing page. In addition, you can mass update the quotations and export the list of quotations in Microsoft Excel and PDF format.

  • 360 degree view of customers: Information held in different customer management systems, is often not readily accessible to the sales team. Unavoidably, this restricts the sales team to maintain healthy on-going relationship with customers.

Implementing ConvergeHub CRM significantly reduces the time involved in handling customer queries. It provides ready access to the information that sales need to better retain the customer.

  • Report generation: Sales managers spend a lot of time creating reports for team review. Post the implementation of ConvergeHub CRM, sales-related information will remain consolidated in CRM system. With slight changes, sales reports can be tracked there easily. Thus, this helps streamline the reporting function and improve the immediacy of management information.

Final Words

Boiled down to its essence, ConvergeHub CRM increases sales productivity by simplification. It shows your customer information and sales data all on one screen. So be it viewing client history, replying to emails, interacting with clients, editing accounts, your salespeople will be able to this entire in one app. This will save their time and increase your sales productivity.

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