Alexa ConvergeHub Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solution

ConvergeHub Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solution

Marketing | by Patricia Jones
Omni channel customer service

ConvergeHub Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Solution, how it can improve performance and increase leads. It’s harder than ever to hold onto the client base. After all, dealing with the customers of today, you deal with their shorter attention spans, fickleness, and their tendency to be media savvy always. It’s a straight outcome of this that old school marketing techniques are out in the trash. To continue forming long-lasting relationships, you need to take your team wherever your customers are, showcasing the products/services whenever they want and assisting them through the entire buying process.

In short – an omni-channel approach.

And that is precisely the buzz in the business world. Right from B2B and B2C companies – all are hell bent on delivering a seamless and consistent customer experience across all channels and touch points. But as evident very few have a high success rate.

Below enlisted are three such dynamic ways which you can employ to thoroughly engage your customers. Read, understand and imbibe these pointers to up your game of customer engagement.

1) Engage with customers on their terms

Any customer will always love to engage on their terms than be beholden to the company. So give the reins of power to your customers and allow them to dictate the experience. Let them decide if and when to communicate. Letting the customers interact as per their time and convenience will leave them more satisfied. With them calling the shots, you will win their trust and build the loyal customer base you need to grow.

As a company, you just need to ensure that you use a tool that makes the communication easy and natural. The tool should be intuitive enough to facilitate different types of ongoing conversations across multiple channels.

2. Facilitate an active online community

Customer engagement has extended from a mere one-off experience to an on-going process. And the biggest example to prove this is social media conversations. For instance, look at the number of posts that happen with a company (let’s say: Apple). You’ll see posts pouring in throughout the day.

The same applies for your brand too. If not your brand in particular, then you’ll definitely find posts throughout the day in relation to your industry. To engage the customers in this digital age you need to focus on these conversations.

So take up a CRM solution with social media management capabilities and listen to customers who are having conversations about your brand/industry over the social Web.

Participate in these conversations. Answer questions and solve problems of your customers. Open, honest interactions over time will help you foster trust and form relationships. Plus, you’ll gain more leads too.

For instance, an important fundamental of social media is peer-to-peer communication where customers talk amongst themselves. Your happy and satisfied client base will share the positive experience to others too.

3. Act on the Customers Recommendations

Do NOT make your customer engagement strategy look like a marketing and sales campaign. Instead, use this as a feedback tool and imbibe all the pointers suggested by your customers. Remember, if you listen to what your customers are saying and improve the product/service, everybody wins. Customers feel heard and get satisfied and you get more loyal customers. Plus, you attract more new customers by sheer word-of-mouth recommendation.

Overall it becomes a two-way street on the basis of mutual respect.

Final Thoughts

You need not be a scientist to understand and frame customer engagement strategy. It’s all evident – customers are in the driver’s seat and you need to build the strategy that facilitates the customers’ journey across channels.

As a company, you need to think of a new-age customer engagement platform that integrates the critical functions – marketing, sales, service and collaboration – into a single interface and support the criss-cross paths of the customers. (New Age Online CRM products are best in this. Try that).

Having a Customer Engagement Platform will provide a single view of every customer interaction. From the time they walk into your store, visit your website, post about your products/services, or call your support team for help – all of these interactions would be available in a single view at your fingertips.

Now imagine using this data how easily can you create a seamless customer experience? Amazing isn’t it?

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