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How does Sales Automation Process look like in 2023

Sales | by Steve Conway
Sales Automation Process

As we are in 2023, businesses are more focused on getting their sales processes more streamlined. Thanks to the sales automation software, the sales representatives have more time available to them for selling. 

Stats reveal that there are sales teams who spend almost 50% more time on sales tasks than can be done with automation. No wonder the concept of Sales automation has already taken the business landscape by storm, taking over many manual people-driven tasks. 

Some studies found that more than 80% of businesses are eager to integrate sales automation solutions to streamline the most critical processes. They understand how it is going to change the trajectory of their business for the better. 

If you are here looking for ways to automate your sales process, this article is surely going to help you out. There’s no doubt about the impact of sales automation. It will help with closing more deals and free up lots of time from routine tasks. You will have more time to spend on high-value activities that grow your revenue. 

Why will it be easy? It is because of all the powerful tools that the automation software provides to make the process easy as pie. You will get powerful tools like automated follow-up emails, automated email campaigns, automatic segmenting, and leads assigning.

Streamlining Workflows with Sales Automation

CRM or customer relationship management and sales automation software streamline sales organizations by automating workflows and sales tasks. 

Sales automation smoothes out the sales process across partners, sales teams, distribution channels, and customers. For the salespeople, it really helps them focus more on deal-closing with high-value prospects. As the sales reps get more time on their hand, they can nurture relationships with their existing customers. 

The fundamentals of sales automation involves automating the mundane administrative tasks in the sales process. It updates customer contact information and manages the calendars, besides processing opportunities. It saves a lot of time that’s otherwise wasted in manual entry of data into the system.

As sales automation solutions come with pre-built applications, sales professionals get to manage the sales pipeline instantaneously. Also, the sales reps can follow up with their leads simultaneously instead of waiting for the leads to contact them first. The automation helps with recording the touchpoints with their customers and closing the sales way faster.

So, how does the sales automation process helps the sales team to work at their best? 

Clearly, it involves seven prominent steps. These steps weave together to help your sales team:

Automated Guidance

With this type of automation, as you can see in ConvergeHub, your sales team will receive notes and reminders from the sales automation software. it helps them focus on tasks and don’t miss important prospects. After all, missing prospect equals to losing a considerable amount of high paying customers. 

  • Lead Management AutomationBut how do we convert prospects into customers? For that, the software offers lead management automation. With ConvergeHub, you can apply rules and filters to build lots of curated lists of leads. 

    Based on the characteristics and behavior of leads, the sales automation system can segregate and score the leads. Post that, you can get a segregated list of the leads, so that you can pitch accordingly. 

    So, what are these KPIs that help the software to do lead management with ease? There is real-time data on click-through rates, email-opening rates, social searches, and more.. 

  • Communication Automation“Communication is key” has become a phrase that we use more often nowadays, and it’s a fact. However, communication has to be effective for the success or failure of the intention. The same runs true in sales as well. Communication automation is a very important aspect. From automated voicemails to sales email automation, personal email sequences, and appointment scheduling tools, everything is communication. 
    • Email automation features makes updating email contact list automated. This way, you no longer need to manually remove the subscribers and take care of the spam content.
    • Another feature, the personalized sales email sequencing, helps customers to keep receiving information in pieces about services or products on sale.
    • The built-in Calendar at ConvergeHub enables the sales reps to work with the customers conveniently. Also, it helps them to schedule meetings quickly, based on both parties availability. This sales automation software does all of the tracking, freeing everyone from taking any manual notes. Via the software, salespeople, as well as customers, get reminders. Stats say that more than 80% of the brands rely on consistent customer interaction for sustainable profits.
  • Automated Data EntryThough data entry is one of the important aspects of any sales process, it is a tedious task. Also, it’s time-consuming. But it is unavoidable, and thanks to the sales automation process, the task has become easy. 

    ConvergeHub reduces half of the tasks by auto-filling the sales data like product details, prices, and contact details for the leads and customers, the sales automation software streamlines contact management. So, valuable hours of the sales executives go into other high-value tasks, like closing a sale.

  • Automated Research ProcessHowever, ConvergeHub doesn’t stop with automated data entry; it goes beyond that. Its automated research capacity is huge compared to the human ability of the sales team. It can shake down social media and the web to find key information about customers and prospects.

    It uses the information to create and update the lead profiles, score the leads for their win probability, and identify the hot sales opportunities. This helps the salespeople incredibly because it saves them time and ensures up-to-date information about their contracts and prospects.

    The whole sales team can access the information easily as the plethora of knowledge is stored in the central repository. 

  • Automated Activity LoggingFrom in-person visits, phone calls, sales emails, to sending out personalized sales messages, ConvergeHub logs in everything at real-time. So, other representatives know how far one rep has gotten with a prospective customer. 

    Automated activity logging is a savior for the agent. It saves a lot of time and helps the agents to focus more on lead generation and closing deals. 

  • Automatic Record GenerationAutomatic record generation is possible when you have a sales automation system. Your sales team receives lots of newsletters with opt-in confirmations and scans various business cards. But when the automatic records and profile saving are possible, why input the data manually?

    As record creation can be automated, sales professionals are relieved from wasting time on the major task. Thanks to the software, it pushes them forward to focus on closing various deals as the hot leads approach them. 

  • Stages of Automating Sales Process
    • Awareness
    • Interest
    • Decision
    • Action
  • AwarenessYour potential customer can learn about your businesses from many different sources, whether it is social media, Google search or may be simply by word of mouth.  Which means, when they search out to you , they already know  about your brand . Since they are already aware  of you,  you get a  good chance to make a limited time sales offer to grab their attention.  
  • InterestSo, you have tapped on their interest and once this  stage is  done,  you can easily go to the next step and take the lead through the first level of interaction with the sales personnel of your company. Like, they get a call for a price quote or receive the email newsletter.

    That’s when you have gained their interest, but it’s time to maintain it. This is when you sprinkle the lead with information about why your products or services stand out for them. For that part, eBooks, whitepapers, and blog content can be of great help. 

    When they subscribe to your newsletter, you can send automated emails to welcome them. Also, you can send automated reminders to your sales executives to call both new and existing leads when they click via the emails. The stage is about building interest and automating the process to save a good amount of time.

    The stage is about building interest and automating the process to save a good amount of time. 

  • DecisionNow is the third step of decision-making. You want to save your time here and let the automation process keep in touch with the leads. Let the automation system share key information to them about your products and send crucial information like pricing contracts, documentation of the product, invoice details, and so on.

    Sales automation tools can automate the whole process of storing information, updating them, and sharing the documents with the leads without the intervention of sales reps. 

  • ActionOf course, the final step is payment from the customers and the confirmation process. Here, you have to send the product to new customers, get them started with the services of your company, and more. 

    You definitely know that these processes take up lots of time when done manually and keep you away from skipping more hot leads. But when sales automation software is here, why do it manually instead of saving a lot of person-hours? Your software can inform every detail that takes place in this step. You will be able to see who has made a payment, received the products or services, or is yet to make payment and receive products. 

The Final Takeaway

Sales automation mostly uses cloud-based sales software to streamline sales processes. Also, enables the salespeople to automate repeating sales tasks. If you are looking for the right CRM and sales automation software, ConvergeHub comes with an array of features to simplify your jobs. It not only streamlines your sales process, but also helps you scale up your sales process to a new level. 

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