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How modern CRMs are helping marketers to deal with the changed Marketing Landscape

Marketing | by Patricia Jones
Modern CRMs

Befors starting I once wanted to know How modern CRMs are helping marketers, Now as many want to it, lets have a good article on it.

New York Times: A person living in a city 30 years ago saw up to 2,000 ad messages a day, not even half of what he sees today.

What has changed?

Today, a consumer life is rife with marketing messages across the Internet, TV, newspapers or magazines. And this is where things have become enormously difficult for the marketers. Imagine the competition they’ve to face.

Cutting through the noise and making a memorable connection with the target audience is a hell lot of task. But not impossible

Just as they say – for every demand there’s a supply – for marketing too, we’ve a myriad of tools doing the rounds. For instance –

  • Social Marketing Tool
  • Marketing Automation Tool
  • Multi-channel Marketing Tool
  • Email Marketing Tool

And just when you thought that marketers are spoilt for choice (with so many marketing applications) – here enters the latest and definitely the grandest of all –

Modern CRM as Integrated Business Solutions

How are these solutions different?

Jodie Ellis – ‘’Proper planning of a business landscape often takes a backseat while meeting the short-term revenue goals. Example – Marketing is lagging down, let’s go for a marketing app, customers attrition is high; let’s implement a customer support software. Believe it or not: this is exactly what happens in an office boardroom when different departments meet up to discuss their challenges

As a consequence, various dissimilar and disparate applications get installed at different points resulting in business process inefficiencies and slowdown.’’

Business entrepreneurs have realized this predicament and hence have made a clear shift to the modern cloud CRMs functioning as Integrated Business Solutions.

As the name suggests, these CRMs function as the perfect substitute for different standalone enterprise applications. Right from marketing to sales, customer service and collaboration – they are integrated with all necessary modules.

So from one source point, marketers get the convenience and benefit to carry out –

  • Social Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-channel Marketing
  • Email Marketing etc

Using the Integrated Business Software Systems, marketers get the added advantage of analyzing how their efforts are impacting the goals. Unlike 10-15 years back, when collaboration and knowledge-sharing has been separate and difficult – modern CRMs have fostered an exciting range of collaboration tools to foster teamwork and communication across the business.

Not just this, now small and medium-sized companies have started using more digital tactics in their marketing efforts. A lot of them are adopting marketing automation that has previously been used only by the larger enterprises.

Peter Roesler states…

‘’Credit to the new age CRMs (Integrated Business Management Suites) that today SMBs have the capacity for marketing experiments. Small businesses that have always have faced financial constraints due to putting in a lot of the capital in purchasing, integrating and maintaining different siloed applications have FINALLY come off from such tight spots.

With one business platform handling all the critical business functions – SMBs are in a better position to expand their brands into bold new territories with newer marketing strategy.

So it won’t come off as a surprise if within 5 years we see 90% SMBs is opting for multi-channel marketing, like – email marketing and social media marketing simultaneously.

And not to forget, since the company is starting these experiments from not a standalone marketing app but a common business management platform, they have more flexibility to keep trying if the new marketing tactics have a slow start. Headache of maintaining a separate marketing app is no longer looming on the SMBs.’’

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