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Increase Marketing ROI with Personalized Campaigns

Make smarter marketing decisions with exact information about your customers and prospects. Build and run automated campaigns across different channels such as mail, email, mobile, social, and the web to increase the chances of bringing in more leads. Measure the campaign results to acknowledge the most fruitful ones and identify the areas that need improvement.


Manage your entire marketing mix from ConvergeHub. Use powerful campaign management capabilities to manage leads and convert them to opportunities. Look into the CRM customer database to learn which products/services your customers have already purchased; based on which, target your cross-sell campaigns more effectively.

Get a real-time view of the marketing performance with packaged and customizable reports. Track each campaign result through fields such as Total Sent / Attempted; Opened / Viewed; Link clicked; Un-subscribed; Bounce / Invalid. Provide access to reports based on established user roles. Present campaign results with highly visual, context-rich Bar, Pie, and Line charts for quick analytics.



Improve the effectiveness of your email marketing with content specific email templates. Choose from a list of predefined email templates under six different categories - My Templates, Business, Seasonal Holiday, Newsletter, Showcase and Press Release. Also, customize or create new dynamic email templates with ConvergeHub Rich-Text HTML Editor.


Increase the impact of your marketing strategy by targeting different priority markets through each campaign. Create separate lists from targets, accounts, leads and contacts and link them to the campaigns. Add segments and criteria in the list to make your campaigns more specific.

Get the names of the recipients of previous marketing campaign from the existing lists. Use search and advanced search functions to zero in on particular campaign recipients. Export the list in Excel and PDF format from your ConvergeHub account. Adjust the number of subscribers displayed on the list as well.

Broadcast in ConvergeHub


Create, target and run campaigns across four broadcast mediums – Email, Direct Mail, SMS and Social, from one easy-to-use interface. Access Mobile CRM on-the-go to manage both campaigns and subscribers across all the channels with comprehensive cross-channel campaign tracking. Use the ROI reporting feature to - identify the most profitable channels; modify the efforts and dramatically improve marketing ROI.

Grow your business with ConvergeHub

Manage your leads, follow up sales activities, resolve customer complaints, automate workflow process, build and run campaigns, store and share documents, communicate and collaborate with partners, list products, generate quotes and invoices, integrate Outlook and other applications – do all this and much more from one broad platform – ConvergeHub

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