Alexa See Who Opened Your Email With ConvergeHub CRM

See Who Opens Your Email With ConvergeHub (The #1 CRM for Small and Medium Businesses)

CRM | by Patricia Jones
See Who Opens Your Email With ConvergeHub (The #1 CRM for Small and Medium Businesses)

We all know being in sales is not always an easy job. Nevertheless, users of ConvergeHub are equipped with the right tools, which help you to start your day guiding you through your most pressing tasks.
Taking a step further, how would you feel if you can also see who has opened your emails?

ConvergeHub email tracking and delivery status update keep you informed on all emails sent from ConvergeHub, CRM for Small Businesses.

Once your customers have opened the email, using ConvergeHub you will be able to see how many of them have viewed the email.

Pretty neat, right?

Using ConvergeHub CRM, once you know your engaged prospects who have interacted with your email message, you can easily interact with them for cross-sell or up-sell activities.

CRM ConvergeHub

So connect your email account to ConvergeHub now and start tracking your emails to customers. With email tracking, we have left behind those days when you had to speculate if your customers are opening the emails, you have sent to them.

Every email in ConvergeHub has an open and delivery status:

Sent/Attempted: Total number of email sent to recipients.

Viewed:  Number of recipients that opened the email any number of times.

Opted Out: User has chosen not to receive any promotional emails.

Bounce/Invalid: The total emails sent that could not be effectively delivered to the recipient’s inbox.

Click-thru Link: The number of email recipients who clicked on one or more links contained in a given email.


Hope you find these email statuses helpful. Happy Selling!

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