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How To Improve The User Experience Of Your B2B Website

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Your company website is in all probability the most vital digital modern-day asset your SMB or startup has in today’s world, as nowadays more small businesses than ever do their businesses exclusively online for rapid business growth.

Now, even if you do have just a brick-and-mortar operation, your web presence is probably still necessary as the primary method for reaching out to your customers.

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In fact, it is much easier now to compete with major players in business those that have a stronger and larger brand recognition than it was just a decade ago in the past.
This is the reason as to why carving out a profitable niche for your business requires superior-quality web presence, and these standards for quality are getting higher as more-and-more of our everyday activities are moving online.

Hence positive UX (User Experience) is absolutely indispensable to succeed online. Since website visitors do not have the tolerance for viewing websites that do not work well, and therefore you got to make sure that you are engaging potential leads and customers, while you have the opportunity to sell them your offerings.

So are you ready to improve your business website and convert more customers?
Since once you get the handle on how you can boost and maintain your site’s UX, it will be easier than ever to build a relationship using an easy to use CRM with your prospects and customers online.

Therefore, before we dive into the big-picture strategies, it is extremely necessary to be familiar with the building blocks for creating a stronger UX that any website should offer in order to not unknowingly turn off new prospective visitors which can hamper your business growth.

  • Fast website loading speed

As all web-visitors are edgy when it comes to viewing websites these days, your business website needs to load quickly for better engagements on your site.

  • Intuitive and clear navigation

Make it easier for your visitors to find quickly what they need. For this ensure that all your web pages are clearly labeled with links to the main sections of your website and place your contact info in the header and footer section on every page.

  • Think about landing pages

Try to anticipate what your visitors needs from your business website and as sending someone directly to your homepage when someone clicks on a link of your site via a social media post or a particular ad might not always be the best way to keep them engaged, create spectacular and informative landing pages where you can collect the contacts of your visitors and store them in your CRM database for nurturing of the leads.

  • Optimize your site for mobile

The majority of website traffic nowadays comes via mobile devices. Therefore, your website needs to be optimized and responsive to work well on small screen devices as it does on desktops.

  • Do not forget about design

Simply put, your website needs to look good, bold and up-to-date. Hence redesign your existing website if it is cluttered and is of an outdated design that might turn away customers or even make them raise the question whether you are still in business.

Now having discussed the above-stated points, it is true that even the best-designed website can always be improved to create a more engaging experience for the users of the site.

Well, you might probably already know that your website could use improvements, so take the time now to find out exactly what those might be.
Therefore to do this try to determine at what point in the buying process do your visitors tend to drop off, or what are your most seen business pages and which are the pages that cause your website visitors to turn away.

This is exactly where web analytics services like Google Analytics can be of real help, so if you do not have Analytics set up on your business website, do it, right today.

In fact, Google Analytics provides your business a free and easy way to measure how your customers are interacting with your website and even point out technical issues that need are needed to be addressed for providing an enhanced experience to the users of your site.

  • Offer social proofs

When a friend, colleague or a family member recommends a brand, we are much likely to actually check it out, rather than if we would have simply seen it in an advertisement.

This is called social proofing- which can a game changer for startups and small businesses.

This is because viewing reviews from other real people (even if they are strangers) can go a long way in creating further engagements.

Hence, incorporate social proofs in your business website by creating a strong testimonial area in the main homepage, upload reviews of your brand on third-party aggregator websites, and mention or share them on social media sites.

You can also integrate tools on your website that displays your brand’s Instagram and Twitter feeds to encourage your website visitors to get engaged with your brand on social media as smart companies know their customers are their best marketers and so increase in public support means a lot for generating consistent business growth.

  • Focus on organically marketing your brand

Traditional email marketing with the help of the best small business CRM software, and digital advertisements can certainly be effective for startups and small business, but it is equally vital to remember that today’s consumers are bombarded by these promotional materials and are have so become somewhat blinded to them.

Now, by marketing by the term more “organically” we indicate creating a web strategy around inviting your consumers to get engaged with your business and brand rather than merely telling them about it.

Some of the ways you might do this for your SMB include:

  • Engaging followers and customers of your brand on social media websites
  • Proactively interacting with reviewers on aggregator sites
  • Building a business partnership with local brands, non-profits, and other related businesses

Now, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is another highly effective means to boost your business website’s visibility online around ‘key terms’ used for your business.

For example as a vendor of a cloud based CRM software vendor, we use “Easy to Use CRM”, “Best CRM for small business” or for the Merchant Cash Advance version of our software we use “MCA CRM” and similar keywords in our whitepapers, articles, social media posts and blogs which helps in attracting more qualified leads to our B2B website, and reduce the use of pop-ups and annoying lead capturing techniques that ruins the UX of the websites of most brands.

Therefore, work with a digital marketing agency or read on some basic SEO tips and strategies to get started on your own.

  • Streamline UX whenever possible

Never needlessly complicate how your customers and visitors engage with your website.

Remember the UX element of your business website need to offer a streamlined experience for the visitors of your site and support the goals for offering a deferential experience for any visitors to your website- existing and new customers alike.

It should also be noted over here as pop-ups and manipulative languages are also a big turn-off, therefore never coerce your visitors to complete an action like creating an account or to log in unless it is absolutely necessary for your lead generation and business growth.

Finally- Integrate with a business tool

On the tech side of things, integrating your website with business tools like an easy to use CRM software , makes it much easier for your business to manage your digital efforts across multiple channels and platforms as CRM is a software that can provide a comprehensive view of your data, which includes web analytics that helps in granting insights on your website’s engagements to further refine your UX strategies and thereby create an effective online presence of your brand that ultimately helps in increasing your businesses’ bottom line and revenue growth.

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