Alexa Landing page optimization how it can Boost Your Conversions

Boost Your Conversions With Dynamic Landing Pages

Marketing | by Patricia Jones
Boost Your Conversions with Dynamic Landing Pages- Guest Post in ConvergeHub

Landing page optimization how it can help you? You’ve heard of Landing Pages, but what are Dynamic Landing Pages?

In just a few seconds, Landing Pages lose a huge chunk of their visitors, forever. Anyone who’s ever used Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, has felt this pain. Conversions is the ultimate aim for every marketer and bouncing visitors are a huge drain on their budget.

So what can we marketers do?

The first step to take control of conversions is to build a dedicated Landing Page for your campaign. Or better yet, for each ad within that campaign.

Chances are, this is a step that you’ve already taken and you’re now ready for the advanced strategy. It’s time to make your landing pages go dynamic!

A dynamic landing page is one that appears different for every website visitor. Or in other words, it’s personalized. The content on the page is adapted to appeal to each visitor based on one or more triggers.

These triggers could be the visitor’s location, the page he/ she is coming from, the visitor’s age, the visitor’s gender, or the device that he/ she is using and so on and so forth.

Here are 4 examples:

1. The Returning Visitor

When someone leaves your page and returns for a second or third or fourth time, you know that they have some level of ‘intent’ to engage with you. So then, if your page failed to engage them the first time – why not shake things up a little bit?

Try offering a freebie download in the second visit to at least acquire the visitor’s contact details.

Perhaps, pop-up a chat window for the 3rd visit – maybe a friendly face will convince them to start engaging.

2. Location

You can track the city/ town location of your visitors based on their IP. You can cater your message to that particular city/ locality. So, last month you could have had a headline or pop-up saying ‘Go Cubs!’ with the team mascot to visitors from Chicago.

You can even combine location data with weather data to offer a combined message. For example if it is snowing hard in Detroit, a restaurant could offer a big coupon via their website to motivate people to get out of their homes!

3. Dynamic Text Insertion

You can easily insert two types of data on your landing page or website using attributes via the URL.

First, if you’re using search advertising then you can insert the search keyword/ keyphrase (Have a look at utm_term on how to set up this kind of attribution)

Second, if you are sending an emailer with CRM data tags such as first name, company name etc. then you can easily insert these tags into the landing page experience as well. Maybe a CTA button which says, ‘Give it a try, John’

4. Time of Day

Happy Hours? Off-peak hours? Rush hour? You can program your messaging to resonate with your visitors. Maybe they’re hungry? Looking to play? Looking to get home?

Whatever the intent – you can align your message!

How does a Dynamic Landing Page help conversions?

Each visitor to your page is unique, but the website treats them all the same. Chances are that Michelle, a 28 year old, Democrat, Doctor from San Francisco and Tim, a 60 year old, Republican, retired School Principal both visit the same holiday’s website but they’re each looking for something different.

A dynamic landing page would recognize specific attributes about the visitor and adapt the content.

1. It’s the age of instant gratification. Visitors to your landing page take about 5 seconds to decide whether they want to give you more attention or go away. If you are not working towards capturing their imagination within 5 seconds, then you’ve lost the game.

2. Companies like Amazon and Facebook have proven over the years that personalization works wonders to improve engagement and conversions. Their recommendation algorithms have become quite sophisticated over the years – but you can definitely start with quick wins!

3. Personalization breeds trust. It’s the same reason you go to the barber who knows your taste rather than go to a new barber every-time.

4. Dynamic pages are refreshingly new. Visitors are pleasantly surprised by seeing new content in a helpful manner.

5. Last, but not the least, it helps make an impression which improves your brand-recall and mind-share. Who doesn’t want to be popular?

So, go ahead and give it a try. You can build dynamic landing pages at

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