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How to Increase Sales with Email Marketing

Sales | by Patricia Jones
How to Increase Sales with Email Marketing

How to Increase Sales with Email Marketing, A lesson and plan needs greater insight to be benefitted. Whether you’re trying to sell information, services or physical products, email marketing can bring incredible results.

Email marketing is one of the most useful ways to spread the word about your product and services and build up your brand.

Besides, if it is done properly, it helps in increasing sales and bringing more businesses.

You will be surprised to know that according to a market survey report:


“Black Friday email marketing services are considered as one of the major lead magnets and drivers of sales, which contributes to more than 25.1% to the bottom line of businesses- on that day alone.”


So you see, email marketing really does make sense.

This is because, an email that you send to a list which you have built, allows you to communicate directly with people who have requested information about your product and services.

However, if you have been running an email campaign that is not showing any results, or is not as desirable as you thought it would be, try improving on the points listed below.

Here are a few golden tips on how you can increase your sales by fixing some common email marketing loopholes that you might have overlooked:

Write an Appealing Subject Line

The subject line is always the first thing that your email marketing recipients will see, so it must be done in a right way. To stand out among all other emails that your recipient has received in the inbox, an email with a well-written, enticing and intriguing subject line most often compels the recipient to explore the email further. As per statistics:


“67% of marketers say that delivering highly relevant content with a click-bait subject line is a strategic goal their organization wants to achieve through email marketing.”

MarketingSherpa, Email Benchmark Survey, 2013


Always, take your time to think and find out the right subject line that will tempt the recipient to open your email. The best way to do so is to think of what would have enticed you, or has appealed to you personally, to open an email and buy from a company.

So, while writing the subject line of your email, avoid using words that trigger the recipient’s spam filter like, “Help”, “Free”, “Percent Off” and others.

Include A Clear and Simple Call-To-Action

Writing down a clear call-to-action, could make all the difference between a successful and an unproductive email campaign. Never try to confuse or overwhelm your email recipients.

Always be focused on one and only one specific call-to-action. Also, be sure that your call-to-action content should be highlighted prominently on the upper half of your email. A good call-to-action is the one, by which the recipient can understand why and what they are clicking, on the subject matter of your email.

Optimize Your Email for Handheld Devices and Mobiles

Mobile marketing is the latest uptrend of the day. So, as nearly everyone has access to their emails through mobile and handheld devices, always make sure that your emails are properly optimized for mobile viewing.

Test your emails, on mobile devices even before sending them. Emails that are optimized for mobile viewing can be easily accessed by your recipients. Also make sure, if you are linking any page through your email campaign, it is also optimized for viewing on mobile and handheld device.

Send Your Emails at the Right Time

To increase your email campaign’s click-through rate, the day and time that you are sending your emails is also an important aspect while trying to increase sales with email marketing.

For an example, for B2B marketers, the best days to send marketing emails are usually Tuesdays and Thursdays. During these days, since most people remain at work, they are more likely to access their emails.

However, when your products or services are targeting B2C segments in the market, you can always find that your particular audience may respond better on a different day of the week or at completely different times.

Hence, run your tests on different days and time. And then track your end results, which help to pinpoint exactly when you should send your emails.

Create a Landing Page for Every Email Campaign

According to The Landing Page Course:


“Landing pages live separately from your website and are designed to only receive campaign traffic. As we’ll see, this separation allows them to be focused on a single objective and makes analytics, reporting & testing a simpler task.”


So, there is always a requirement for a specific landing page for your email to focus on, rather than linking your email campaign to a general page. This is so, because when you use a specific landing page, you can tailor the landing page to the exact message in your email- resulting in more conversions.

The landing page is the place where your email recipients will “land” when they click on the inbuilt link in your email.

Landing pages can include your main website page, a specific product related page or even a webpage created specifically to highlight a single email campaign.

You must also let your recipient know at all times, where your email link will take them. And they should always receive more information on your offer(s), once they reach the landing page.

It is essential that your landing page should tie-in and add consistency to your email, which essentially measures the aesthetics of your email campaign.

Conduct A/B Testing

The best way to optimize your Open Rate and CTR (Click-Through-Rate) is to conduct a A/B testing. It’s always recommended that you should try out different designs, subject lines and contents in order to figure out, what works best for your email campaign.

Ideally, try to send out two versions of the same campaign, so that you can find out what can be changed to improve your email marketing results.

According to Neil Patel:


“A/B testing can enable you to make careful, focused changes to improve your conversion rates.”


So, tweak your email, according to the A/B testing results, until you find the right kind of conversion ratio that you are looking for.


We are sure, once you focus on all these aspects for your email marketing campaign, you will surely find an increase in your sales through stronger engagements with your target audiences.

If you find these email campaigning strategies helpful in increasing your sales- share your experience with us in the comment box!


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