Experience Sales Lead Management Using ConvergeHub

Posted by Patricia Jones

According to Sales lead management principles – Leads are the lifeline of any kind of businesses. Therefore, converting leads to customers is what it really takes to remain and thrive in business. Once you know how to manage your leads in a structured and systematic way, you can, not only increase the number of leads that you generate but also amplify on how many of those leads you can convert at the end. Here are some of the interesting steps suggested by sales lead management teams, which can be also followed by using ConvergeHub CRM for SMBs. Read More

Are CRM and Marketing Automation Software 2 Different Things?

Posted by Patricia Jones

Do you remember someone, who told you that England and Great Britain were not actually the same? Well, your mistake is completely understandable. Actually, Great Britain is composed of England, Scotland, and Wales, and so England is just a part of Great Britain.People often have the same kind of reaction when they realize that Marketing Automation software and CRM are different as both these software serves two distinctly different purposes. Read More

10 Tips to Make Use of Influencer Outreach to Perk up Brand Visibility

Posted by RudyS

Influencer outreach is definitely considered as a dominant asset when it comes to improving your brand’s visibility. Using content marketing strategy to scale up brand visibility is nothing new since you must have already used blogs and social media platforms to improve your brand’s outreach in the market. In a data compiled by B2C (Business 2 Community) research, it has been found that more than 93 percent of marketers use content marketing strategy for their business growth. Read More

Learn Lead Generation In 30 Days With 5 Pro Tips

Posted by David Klein

Let us forget about our product or service that we want to sell for a second. You can always pack it with a colorful little bow, and offer it at the best competitive pricing in the market- But most of times, none of this matters. Since, even with the best products and services, your offer will go unnoticed and your business is doomed to fail- if no one knows about it. The idea behind internet marketing is simple- Those with the most Leads wins. So, if you have the capacity of generating more leads, but have an average product- following these tips you still win. Read More

6 Lead Scoring Techniques That You Should Use With Your CRM

Posted by Patricia Jones

When most of us start implementing inbound marketing, the primary concern that worries most of us is finding enough leads in the sales funnel. But then once that is over, and we have a lot of leads, what concerns us more is trying to figure out who are really interested in our products and services and who have just started to look around. This is exactly where the Lead Scoring process comes into action. Read More

Top Lead Generation Tactics We Love

Posted by Patricia Jones

Lead generation defines the process of stimulating interest about a product or service in the target audience, for the purpose of developing sales pipeline. However, in contrast to the earlier times, most businesses find it challenging now to generate high quality leads. That’s because, they still use old school ways to generate sales opportunities. This blog describes the 8 new-age tactics that businesses should use to double their leads inflow into the sales pipeline. Read More

Feature Focus: Web-to-Lead Forms for ConvergeHub

Posted by Patricia Jones

Web form is an important element of online marketing campaigns. But most businesses fail to leverage this gem because of technical aspects involved. Converged CRMs allow you to easily build customized web forms and publish them on your website or landing page. You can also share the web forms directly with your sales and marketing agents, partners or targeted leads. All captured leads get directly synced into the CRM with immediate notification sent to the assigned sales agent. This speeds up the follow-up process and improves conversion rate. Read More

How to convert website visitors into a strong lead

Posted by Patricia Jones

Capitalizing on the website visitors is one of the best ways of lead acquisition. But then is it so easy? Many small and medium-sized businesses complain of a high bounce rate from their websites everyday. In spite of spending dollars on website designing and ranking, the ROI does not meet the mark because of the high number of visitors who quickly flock in and flock out. Read More

A Guide on Lead Management and Lead Nurturing

Posted by Patricia Jones

The present business environment has given rise to a new concept: LEAD MANAGEMENT & NURTURING. Experts across the world advocate its implementation. However, studies show that more than 65% of companies do not follow any planned lead management program, resulting in acute declining sales. If lead management is also absent from your business action plan- then read through this blog that covers the fundamentals of lead management and cites a few essential pointers to successfully carry out lead nurturing campaigns. Read More

Lead generation from crm software, Lead generation social sites

Posted by Patricia Jones

ConvergeHub offers ‘Lead Generator’ tool that makes lead capture from social media super easy. It is available as a Chrome extension and adds leads from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ into ConvergeHub in ONE click! ConvergeHub Lead Generator is a major boon to sales agents who lose several hours in social media lead generation. They spend less time in creating leads and focus more on managing and qualifying them. Read More