Alexa How To Make The Best Use Of Inbound Marketing Skills with MCA CRM

How To Make The Best Use Of Inbound Marketing Skills For MCA Businesses In These Trying Times

CRM | by Patricia Jones

The usefulness and popularity of the methodologies on inbound marketing in all sectors in the business including Alternative Lending businesses have been rising steadily since inbound marketing practices found its acceptance in the 2000s and thereafter evolved considerably, supported by the meteoric rise of the internet and introduction of fresh channels for marketing to deliver tailored and personalized contents to new prospects and existing customers, using MCA CRM software solutions which is more needed in this Pandemic times.

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However, do you know what is inbound marketing and what are the means by which you can excel in it?

Well, in this article let us, therefore, dig into the nuances of this popular marketing strategy and discuss certain tactics that can be used in inbound marketing as we face this menacing COVID-19 tragedy along with some of the best practices that will help you to master it.

Even not in the distant past, marketing was a totally different ballgame even in the MCA industry, than it is today.

As before the rise of MCA CRM software and the internet, marketing for Merchant Cash Advance business mainly consisted of overtly trying to convince leads and prospective customers to buy their services, which in fact was not much different than traditional age-old advertising.

However, this marketing strategy changed as the internet and social media began to provide marketers with novel ways to deliver content to leads, prospects, and customers, shifting the focus from touting the advantages of their services to providing educational information that helped MCA prospects and customers to solve common problems.

Effective MCA inbound marketing tactics and best practices using Merchant Cash Advance software during this COVID-19 outbreak:

Although there are several common inbound marketing tactics that you have surely seen, nevertheless here are also a few of the most effective inbound marketing tactics that you can use for your Cash Advance business, especially when you are also using Merchant Cash Advance CRM software.

Content marketing

Content marketing is considered the bedrock of an inbound marketing strategy. Some of the most used content marketing tactics that can be used in Alternative Lending business are:
• Blogging
• EBooks
• Social media contents
• Videos
• Infographics
• Whitepapers
• Case Studies
• Email newsletters and others

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Next, once you have created your valuable content, you need to make it easy for your potential MCA customers to find and benefit from it.
This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play.
As most consumers use Google to search for content, SEO is a practice that helps in optimizing your Cash Advance website so that your web-pages appear higher-up in the search engine results.
However, although SEO remains a critical piece in every inbound marketer’s playbook, as Google constantly alters its search engine’s algorithms, nailing down SEO tactics for your Alternative Lending business is like aiming at a constantly moving target.
So learn more about updated SEO strategies that you can easily assimilate into your inbound marketing plans. Remember creating content without doing SEO is of no value, as content marketing is useless if you do not find a way to drive traffic into it.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has utterly altered the way present-day marketers approach their works. With the escalation of people using social media on a daily basis, social media platforms have become the primary channel through which MCA businesses can also reach their potential customers.
According to a report published by Social Media Examiner in 2018, it has been stated that social media marketing increase brand exposure by 87%, website traffic by 78%, and helps in generating more leads by 64% in the US markets.
Therefore, as an inbound marketing tactic, use social media to increase customer engagements and post your content on your social media platforms since if your content is outstanding, people will definitely share it and your Cash Advance businesses’ followers will grow.

Create buyer personas

Despite what many marketers may think, it is difficult to make a broad generalization about what your customers need or want without any research. Creating hypothetical profiles of your businesses’ ideal buyers or buyer personas helps to zero in on their requirements and deliver inbound content that addresses those needs.
For developing buyer personas, it is useful to launch a customer survey email campaign that allows you to focus on the most common pain-points that are felt across your customer base.
Using an MCA CRM software like ConvergeHub for collecting these data in the CRM database and for conducting these surveys helps in effectively address your customer’s needs.

Score Leads

Lead scoring is the practice of providing leads points for actions that they have taken and the demographic data they provide using MCA CRM software.
For example, when someone views or downloads your inbound contents, like eBooks, white papers, or visit your pricing page and others you can award them points for their interest to buy your services.
Lead scoring helps to view most sales-ready leads easily.

Develop engaging landing pages that convert leads

When someone clicks a link to view or download your content, ‘landing page’ is the place where they land on that offers the content for free but request personal information in exchange.
A landing page is a lead generation tactic, so make your Alternative Lending businesses’ landing pages engaging, which makes it amply clear what they are offering.

Unlike COVID-19, inbound marketing is here to stay. Since inbound marketing using Merchant Cash Advance CRM bridges the gap and enables modern, digital marketers to show that they care about the customer experience than anything else for creating a customer-centric business.

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