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How To Manage Your Brand Reputation With CLM CRM Software

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The reputation of your brand is more important now than ever. This is because consistently maintaining a positive reputation not only increases customer loyalty, but it also helps build the confidence of your prospects and customers in the market, which aids to position your brand as a leader in your market place.

Now, with strategic brand reputation management skills assisted by a CLM CRM software , you can easily improve your brand’s reputation in your space.

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We all know, being positioned as a brand with a positive reputation is extremely important in today’s ruthlessly competitive market. Since it has been found in a research done by Forrester that consumers nowadays will typically read about 10 product or service reviews before finalizing on their purchases, which is why having a positive reputation is so crucial in today’s marketplace.

Key Brand Reputation Management Best Practices

Here are ten time tested highly-effective brand reputation management tactics for improving your brand’s reputation with CLM CRM software for business growth.

  • Excel At Content Marketing

For finding a positive brand reputation, content marketing is a critical element of effective brand reputation management.

For an example, content marketing such as producing educational contents that help solve common problems faced by your audience is considered as a key component of inbound marketing.

Therefore rather than distributing sales-oriented contents, it is more beneficial to generate Blogs, eBooks, Infographics, and others, that can educate your audience rather than attempt to sell your offerings.

Now, once people take notice of your contents and it starts to make its rounds, your audience will share the contents with their friends, relatives, and colleagues, which will surely expand your brand’s presence in the marketplace.

It has been observed that brands that focus on empowering their customers with helpful and novel ideas increase their brand’s reputation significantly, which results in rapid business growth.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

This is no brainer that, satisfied customers stay with your organization for a longer time, and therefore spends more on your offerings, which helps to create a long-term and reliable revenue stream for your organization.

Therefore, using a CLM CRM software helps in increasing customer satisfaction which is not only the key to business growth , but it also helps in creating a direct impact on your brand’s reputation as satisfied customers share their positive experiences with your offerings with their colleagues and friends that surely acts as a boon for your reputation management efforts.

  • Focus On Customer Experience

Put your spotlight on customer experience as it is rapidly overtaking products and price as the most crucial variable in the consumer’s decisions to purchase your offerings.

This is no surprise since according to a Walker Study it has been stated that:

By the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Therefore, if your organization does not believe in adopting a CLM CRM software that helps in delivering stellar customer experience, you can be sure that your prospects will soon look for a competition that does.

There are several ways to deliver a great customer experience using an easy to use CRM software platform, those that include but are not limited to:

  1. Reach out individually to each customer once every quarter to personally check in their pain points.
  2. Send customer surveys using marketing automation in your CLM CRM software to find-out areas where you can improve upon your services and offerings and then implement their feedbacks.
  3. Make use of campaigning functionality in your best small business CRM software if you are an SMB or a startup organization through email newsletters or any other forms of product or company updates.
  4. Deliver world-class customer support.
  • Deliver Impeccable Customer Support

The quicker and more effectively you can solve your customer’s pain points and issues, the better the reputation of your brand will be in your marketplace. Using help-desk automation functionality in your CLM CRM software platform, you make the easy to use CRM work as a reputation management software and thereby streamlines customer support for your brand.

Always remember to offer multiple support channels (live chat, phone, email, social media etc.) so that your customers with their problems and issues can reach out on the channel they prefer to communicate with your brand respectively.

Apart from this also make sure to increase your organization’s First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate, which can be easily traced and analyzed with the help of a CLM CRM software platform.

FCR mentions the number of help desk incoming tickets that your support teams can resolve on their first attempts, without having to look and search for a solution and then get back to the customers at a later point of time after their initial contact with the customer.

Using dedicate help groups to ensure that each of your customer support tickets get handled by a subject matter expert and is hence resolved on the very fast attempt every time, helps in enhancing your brand’s reputation. Since the longer your customers need to wait for a solution, the more frustrated they will get with your brand.

  • Use Social Listening Tools To Respond To Negative Comments

When anyone posts a negative comment about your brand on social media websites, it is utmost imperative that you must respond as quickly as possible since negative sentiments spread like wildfire on social media networking sites.

To do this you can leverage social listening tools found in most CLM CRM software platforms to get notified about alerts any time someone refers or mentions about your brand and organization on the social media websites.

Always be empathetic in your responses. Since you must remember that your response will be publicly-visible for the world to see, and so responding in a humble way, will surely help your organization to generate a reputation as a customer-centric brand.

Personalize Your Customer Interactions

When you use an easy to use all-in-one CRM platform, you can find access to 360-degree contact views of your leads, prospects, and customers, which provides deeper insights into each customer’s needs, challenges, interests, products purchased, past support tickets and more.

Therefore, using a CLM CRM software your support agents and sales reps or anyone else who interacts with your customers can dig out information from the CRM database , even before reaching out to a customer, which helps in finding common grounds before their customer interactions and deliver more personalized contents to your customers.

When outreaches are personalized, it makes customers feel valued, creates rapport with the customers, which in turn generates customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and improves your brand’s reputation management efforts.

  • Increase Employee Satisfaction

It is a big mistake if you overlook the satisfaction of your employees when developing brand reputation management strategies for your company.

According to the Institute of Employment Studies:

Satisfied employees perform 20% better than unengaged employees and are much more likely to become brand advocates.

That implies, satisfied employees not only work harder, have higher morals but they also help deliver superior customer experience as they most often go out of their way to satisfy the needs of their customers.

Therefore, start a program in your organization by which you can survey your employees about the satisfaction in their workplace and implement necessary changes based on their feedback.

Nurture Brand Advocates

Brand advocates can be anyone right from your customers, employees, or anyone who loves your brand enough, likely to speak positively about your brand and recommend your offerings to others.

Arguably, brand advocates are the most effective tool for managing the reputation of your brand.

Brand advocates can really elevate your brand’s reputation from average to exceptional, by recommending your brand in the social media websites.

Therefore, use social listening tools to find when someone makes a positive comment about your brand. This is because, by engaging the right person in the social media platforms, you can open the door for creating new brand advocates, whom according to researches shows that consumers trust way more than traditional brand promotion activities.

  • Generate Customer Testimonials And Success Stories

As we said even earlier, researches indicate that consumers place more trust in brands and their offerings which are recommended from peers, friends, and colleagues rather than just counting on traditional advertisements.

Therefore, allow your current customers to share their positive experiences with your brand through customer testimonials and tell the market how great your offerings are which you can also distribute to your prospects as your success stories.

  • Increase Social Media Engagement

It has been predicted by social media experts that there will be approximately 3 billion social media users by 2021.

Hence, an upbeat, positive, and an agile social media presence can be a major driving factor behind a superior brand reputation strategy, as the importance of engaging your prospects and customers on social media will continually increase over time.


We are sure using these best practices to develop your brand reputation management strategy assisted with a CLM CRM software, and implementing it as soon as possible, will definitely help you to maintain a positive reputation for your brand by focusing on customer experience, employee and customer satisfaction, and catering to all your customer’s needs to create a customer-centric brand that will steadily make your business grow.

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