Alexa Marketing Tactics For Achieving Revenue Growth Using Easy to Use CRM

Upcoming Marketing Tactics For Achieving Massive Revenue Growth In 2019

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Marketing is evolving rapidly, and so are the tactics and strategies using easy to use CRM, that marketers must engage to lure prospects and customers for their business.
This is because; you must always remain ahead of emerging marketing trends to remain utterly competitive in your respective industries.

Here in this blog, we will cover a few selected marketing trends that we anticipate seeing in 2019 to make you remain proactive and stay ahead in the game.

Account-based marketing will stay

ABM or Account Based Marketing has grown quickly in its popularity in startup organizations and small businesses.
ABM involves identifying real prospects who are the best fit for your offerings and thereafter performing extensive research on those prospective customers before you reach out to them.

This research most often includes the pain-points of the prospects along with their challenges, needs, interests and more.

If you are a user of an easy to use CRM software solution, you can use information in your CRM database to create buyer personas for your brand which is particularly helpful in leveraging the tactics used for account-based marketing.

ABM assists your marketing teams to focus and target on fewer but higher-value prospects, which proves far more effective than firing marketing campaigns in the dark to leads from a purchased email list and then keeping your fingers crossed, hoping for the best.

87% of marketers across the US, who measures marketing ROI, say that Account Based Marketing will outperform all other types of marketing investments. Click To Tweet

In fact, according to Information Technology Services Marketing Association, ABM is the future of B2B marketing across the globe.

Since 87% of marketers across the US, who measures marketing ROI, using an easy to use CRM software say that Account Based Marketing will outperform all other types of marketing investments, which easily indicates the reason for its growing popularity.

Chatbots will pave the way

You may know by now what is CRM , but do you know what is a chatbot?

Well, to put it simply, chatbots is a program feature, which is most often found in easy to use CRM software platforms that use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to interact with prospective leads and customers. These interactions take place in the form of a conversation, and so typically chatbots are implemented on the businesses’ websites.

Chatbots ‘learn’ over time, using data stored in the CRM database and so are able to provide required answers to the visitor’s questions, without any human interference, to coordinate the conversation.

Mostly chatbots appear as pop-ups on the company’s websites and it seem to the visitors that they are conversing with a real person, whereas in reality, any chatbot is a robot.

In a recent survey done by a major market research firm that provides advice on existing and potential impact of technology, to its customers and the public revealed that even more than 60% of the respondents in the survey have interacted with a chatbot in the last 12 months, which is a clear indication that the use of chatbots will further increase in 2019.

Native advertisement in social media will be on the rise

Native advertisement in social media is the act of putting an ad in a format that lines up with the normal experiences that the users get when they browse their preferred networking websites.

Unlike uploading a banner ad on related web pages that resonates with your offerings, native social media advertisements resemble a normal social media posting and appears on the social media feeds of your followers and their friends (like the rest of your posts), which makes it less intrusive.

So in 2019 do not ignore this big social media marketing trend, which is not only more engaging than traditional advertisement tactics but is also way cheaper and produce better results than legacy ads.

Mobile responsiveness will increase

Let us face the reality of the digital age looming upon us. Therefore, it is no brainer that nearly every one of us uses a mobile device today to check or send and receive emails, check social media platforms, view websites and others.

Therefore, if your marketing teams do email marketing or your company does have a website, it is a critical need of the hour that your email contents and your website must be mobile responsive.

Since you will lose your email reader’s and website visitor’s interest and attention in a flash if they have to do excessive scrolling or zooming to read your emails or view your website, rather to say, even any other contents that your audience cannot read on their mobile device.

Adoption of all-in-one CRM will rise

CRM software is widely used in all businesses today, since most businesses that know what is CRM, also accepts the truth that no business can remain competitive without the use of an easy to use Customer Relationship Management software.

Although traditionally CRM software platforms, just managed contacts and automated basic sales and marketing processes, like moving deals through the sales pipeline, however with the rise of all-in-one CRM software solutions like ConvergeHub the popularity of CRM platforms are steadily climbing high.

Modern-day best small business CRM software solutions like ConvergeHub not only includes the above-mentioned components of traditional CRM software platforms, but it also comes with inbuilt sales enablement, marketing automation, customer support, accounting, help desk,and collaboration modules- all in the same platform.

Therefore,all in one CRM software like ConvergeHub allow startups and companies to manage nearly every business activities from one easy to use system and even store all the resulting data in the same CRM database.

Moreover, cloud based CRM software solutions are also way cheaper than traditional on-premise CRM systems and provides a plethora of additional functionalities.

Hence it is no wonder that in 2019 small and growing business organizations will increasingly opt for adopting all-in-one CRM software systems.

Millennial(s) are taking over this year

In 2019 and beyond it is predicted that Millennial(s) are going to overtake the Baby-Boomers as the largest consumer demography in Canada and the USA.

This means companies will need to adapt their marketing efforts to cater to the growing needs of the Millennial(s) and change their marketing approaches in the following ways:

  • Millennial(s) prefer to buy from brands those that bear a strong sense of corporate social responsibility
  • Millennial(s) expects more from brands when it comes to responsiveness and engagements
  • Millennial(s) prefer communicating with chatbots, and messages over telephone calls
  • Millennial(s) use social media insanely, so brands need to strengthen their social media presence
  • Millennial(s) prefer viewing ‘how-to’ video over written contents


Therefore, to stay ahead of the curve, modern-day marketers must pay immediate attention to these marketing trends in 2019 and incorporate them in their marketing strategies for the growth of their businesses.

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