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How Productive Are You Really? Measure Your Productivity Level

Productivity | by Patricia Jones
Productivity Infographic

How to Measure Productivity Level? Many times we label busy people as productive at work– but is that really the case?

Busy doesn’t always equate “to be more productive”.

More hours on the job doesn’t mean value-added or more progress made – it simply means more time at work.

Being busy can also mean you’re overwhelmed, overworked and potentially exhausted.

Whereas, productivity means time and resources are being used wisely; you complete more tasks in less time and achieve success.

Productivity gives you a sense of achievement and fulfillment in your work and life.

As your business grows the workload increases. You might not have the budget for additional resources to get it all done.

Each of these things help you achieve a common goal – PRODUCTIVITY. Before you can achieve performance, you first have to figure out how productive are you at work or business.

Below, you’ll see Productivity Infographic that takes you through three different scenarios – each leads to a different level of productiveness;

1. Productive

2. Not Productive

3. Somewhat Productive

To figure out where you fall on the productivity scale and get actionable tips, keep reading to measure your productivity.


How to Measure Productivity Level

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It becomes extremely important to optimize your business for upmost competence. So, how do you do that, What are the ways to improve productivity and efficiency?

    • What areas are you spending too much time on?
    • What do you feel could be improved?
    • Which routines are most important in your day to day life and/or business?
  • What process could be more streamlined?

By answering questions like these, you’re able to see ; What the weak areas are and how to improve upon those?

And there is an easy answer to it– Productivity tools or Systems. Putting systems in place take you from manual overload to automated machine.

Your business can operate even when you’re not around.

Systems are extremely important not only because they take your business to unimaginable heights but also because they’re extremely efficient and allow you to get more done with limited to no human capital.

Systems are organized methods to getting things done.

A system can be anything from a sales funnel or a drip campaign to software and hardware.

Now you have found, what is your productiveness level, and you will definitely try to improve it.

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Share your thoughts with me as well.

Are you as efficient as you thought?

Productivity Infographic

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