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A Modern Approach to Campaign Management

Marketing | by Patricia Jones
Campaign Management

A Modern Approach to Campaign Management is planned to optimized the business and leads. Learn the secrets of the modern marketing plans. Companies normally spend thousands on making their advertisement campaigns successful. Companies put a lot of effort and resources in designing the campaign that will make the consumers fall in love with the product. But, how to ensure that the campaign will deliver desired results!

Many a time, a marketing campaign may fail to deliver optimum results despite the best efforts. To monitor the effectiveness of a campaign you therefore need an effective campaign management policy. A modern sales force automation software is designed to take the burden off your shoulder by automating most part of an advertising campaign and providing you the advantages of the tools to monitor its progress.

Modern customer management software can help the user create, execute and monitor both simple and complex marketing campaigns to maximize their outcomes. From the point of view of a small business this is particularly useful since they often are resource strapped and look for quick results. One can receive comparative reports on conversions, lead generation, or proselytization to determine the probability of success of his campaigns.

The best contact management software for small business is designed to offer one stop solution for all aspects of a campaign management. It lets you build a marketing campaign from the scratch – design campaign, describe target market, set frequency, set duration, add criteria, define stop campaign criteria, generate reports, and more. Following are the highlights of an effective campaign management through customer management software.

    • Create, manage and track multiple campaigns from within the CRM. Maximize your outcome by evaluating a campaign at every step.
    • Describe and set criteria using the software intelligence to make your marketing campaigns more targeted.
    • Turn campaigns into business. Get the numbers of new business generated through the campaign at your fingertips. The CRM software will generate report cards for each campaign for you to know which of them are driving in the best results.
    • Analyze performances of your campaigns. Find out which are most and least successful simultaneously, i.e. which have brought you the desired outcomes. Accordingly, adjust your marketing strategy.
    • Categorize customer data based on their responses to the campaign. Make lists of the most responsive ones and work upon them. Plan to deliver one-to-one interactive platform to turn them into business.
    • Manage multiple campaigns on multiple channels from one platform. Optimize your time and productivity by making smart campaigning choices.
    • Receive real-time updates on the performance of your campaigns. Make necessary adjustments to fine-tune them to your business goals.
    • Generate comparative results on different marketing campaigns to get comprehensive idea on their performances.

Modern customer management system has come a long way from the early contact management days to become a complete sales and marketing tool. It now applies business intelligence to help you nurture your leads and forge a strong, long-term relationship with clients. Effective marketing management solutions offered by CRM software will help you thrive in the highly competitive environment.

ConvergeHub is designed to let you run multi-channel marketing campaigns from a single platform.

ConvergeHub is a new generation cloud based CRM that is completely capable of managing your multi-channel marketing campaigns from its interactive UI. It can be your complete marketing solution tool that will help you run effective marketing campaigns with real-time statistics to evaluate their success. You can create and manage all your campaigns in three easy steps.


Lists: Create your desired list of receivers, who you want to target through your marketing campaign. The CRM offers further segmentation solution that let you create filtered recipients’ lists. This will ensure higher success rate for your campaign.


Templates: Create, edit, or use the default attractive campaign templates to add aesthetics to your campaigning. Converge Enterprise CRM allows you to create most visually appealing, succinct and powerful ad campaigns that will always hit a home run with your customers.


Campaign: Create the most effective campaign in five easy steps from a single screen. Preview and test drive your campaign before sending it out to your customers. With ConvergeHub you can schedule the date and time for your marketing campaign to run. You can decide to start immediately or at any future date depending upon your advertising strategies.

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