Alexa Why Using Legacy CRM Solutions Can Erode Your Business Growth

Why In Modern Times Using Legacy CRM Solutions Can Erode Your Business Growth

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In modern times businesses have shifted drastically and have become digital nowadays in the ways organizations market their brands. Hence in recent years, there has been an explosion of several digital marketing technologies for increasing brand awareness and revenue.
Therefore, if you are aware of what is CRM, within the context of this business growth technology marketing and sales efforts have been increasingly acquiring a singleness of purpose accompanied by new trends in marketing their offerings.

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While in the past marketing and sales once had limited interactions between these two departments, these two functional identities have nowadays become much more technologically synergistic and unified, while working towards a common goal.

Therefore, today marketers working with organizations using legacy CRM software instead of cloud-based easy to use CRM software are often frustrated about how manual their processes are, which can be at times even downright exasperating when simple tasks and request have unattainable solutions.

Here are some of the key factors that cause marketers within these companies to often suffer in silence since there is nothing that can be done to alleviate the pain points faced by these employees within their current business environment, whereby the management fails to understand that there are many Salesforce Alternative CRM software platforms in the marketplace, which are economic and efficient for automating tasks and help marketers generate more leads and revenue.

1. Leads, Prospects, and Customers Are All Mixed Together

In most legacy CRM and old contact management systems there was no opportunity to import unqualified leads inside a bucket that can separate these leads from customers and prospects in the funnel, which eventually cluttered the CRM database and marketing teams were often blamed for dumping worthless contacts into the CRM software’s database over several years, which not only compromised the performance of the software but even resulted in a loss of substantial work hours spend and revenue.

2. There Is No Way for Generating Web-Form HTML

In most legacy CRM software platforms unlike cloud-based easy to use CRM software solutions, after website form submissions they are distributed as simple emails in legacy CRM software environments, whereby these lead information needs to be manually fed into the CRM system. Which often than not never gets entered or procrastinated until these leads get misplaced or fall through the crack.
However, with modern best small business CRM software platforms like many Salesforce Alternative CRM software solutions Web-Form HTML helps to directly submit leads into the easy to use CRM software, seamlessly.

3. Requires Lead Assignment Rules to be Coded

In many legacy CRM software, you will mostly find that there are no admin-friendly means to set up lead assignment rules. Whereby, you need developers to code the rules that will help to determine how leads are to be assigned to specific sales reps in an organization, based on criteria like company size, location, vertical markets, and others.

4. Non-Existent or Basic Campaign Management functionalities

Monitoring and managing marketing campaigns are one of the most offered features in most contemporary easy to use CRM software platforms.
Nevertheless, traditional contact management systems and CRM tools are either devoid or have none of these campaign management features which have the important functionalities that are highly sought after by modern marketers nowadays.

5. Limited or No Integration

Most traditional CRM tools are devoid of integrations with email service providers, third-party databases, marketing automation systems, or online accounting applications which are found with most modern CRM software tools.

Per say, nowadays many best CRM for small business offers integrations with a plethora of third-party applications, which also include financial accounting software, as there are several CRM solutions today which are popularly known as QuickBooks CRM software that offers seamless integration of these business growth tools.

Additionally, marketers need the ability to segment leads, prospect, and customers based on their past behaviors for lead scoring, send targeted email marketing messages, trigger lead nurturing campaigns, develop landing pages, enrich lead records from third-party databases, or collect information about new visitors on their web page.

Although all these functionalities can be easily done by integrating third-party apps with easy to use CRM software and several other Salesforce Alternative CRM software built for SMBs, integrating these third-party applications with outdated legacy CRM systems can be exorbitantly costly and also difficult in most traditional on-premise CRM apps.

6. ROI Metrics Cannot Be Extracted Easily

Marketing, Sales, Support, and Accounts are the four key departments that are most associated with the influence of easy to use CRM systems.
Therefore metrics and KPIs pertaining to user adoption, business performance and customer perception of your brand not only helps to manage your existing customers, but it even aids in streamlining support operations and sell more to your customers efficiently.

Now even though there are some legacy CRM tools that can collect many of this information, nevertheless they lack appropriate reporting tools to make it easy for the user of the software to get the right type of reports that are needed for analyzing their business growth.


Hence, as sales, marketing, and support efforts are becoming increasingly intertwined, it is becoming more important to provide these teams with easy to use CRM software technology, that supports a close coupling of activities, as we find with all-in-one CRM software solutions, which alleviates most of the pains that users do experience using an outdated and on-premise legacy CRM system and tools.

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