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Best CRM to do Business planning to execute your Business Goals

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New Year Business Plan & Goals

Best CRM to do Business planning to execute your Business Goals gives peace of mind and proper distribution of information to the members and clients. December is the time when we make a promise to do an act of self-improvement in the new year.

This is called New Year Goals.

According to experts, small business owners should evaluate the nature of their operational processes and decide upon what goals or directions to take in the upcoming year.

This blog shares some great New Year Business Goal Ideas and also gives tips on executing the business plans.

NOW – Where does your Business stand this year?

This question may be going through your head this very moment as you reflect on 2016.

You’re probably making all kinds of New Year’s Resolutions that are short-lived, generally only lasting a couple days or weeks before they eventually die off into the dust.

Here you will learn to make goals for next year, not resolutions.

Resolutions are short-sided and often don’t produce results whereas goals can be achieved if you write them down with specific deadlines.

Some of your business goals for this New Year 2017, may be to tap into new market territories, decrease costs, improve cash flow, retain customers, creating niche in market & more.

Whatever your goals are, make sure they’re in line with your business strategy and attainable in one year’s time.

Here are 3 buiness plan ideas that will help you set your business goals for 2017.

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1. Make Your Business Plans in Advance

Business Goals Planning

Try to make business plan in advance. If you have not done, do it right now. This is the first step towards Ramping up your Business in for the coming NEW YEAR.

Sit down with your team and do some intense brainstorming sessions to prepare an action-oriented business plan.

The plan should include business goals that are aligned with your brand and go-to market strategy as well as deadlines and budget data.

The plan should identify the current and future obstacles along with a roadmap to avoid them. Having a well-defined business plan will give you a clear vision of what’s to come.

While many unexpected things will happen throughout the year that can’t be planned ahead of time, other important business tasks and activities are things you can get a handle on early.

2. Study your competitors more thoroughly

Competitor Analysis - BusinessEvery business owner wants a leg up on their competition.

But only a few are willing to do their research & carve out time to research and understand the competitive landscape.

Know what your competitors are doing, what they may be doing better than you, ways you can improve, and ways you can be looked at as the industry leader in 2017.

You can even create a comparative matrix, usability test or do a case study to set yourself apart from the competition. This process, although exhaustive, will be very beneficial.

You’ll better comprehend the market and your key competitors and most importantly map out potential customers who can be targeted for the upcoming marketing campaigns.

Studying the competitors will unveil their successful sales, marketing and customer support strategies that can be incorporated into your work plan.

3. Enhance your technology footprint

Advanced Technology

Standalone software systems slow down the business process and negatively impact the productivity of employees.

Most of the time, your team is busy streamlining data from different software applications to gain a complete picture of customers. Pledge to put an end to this.

This New Year – invest in a robust and converged web-based CRM for small business that manages Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Billing within one platform and streamlines customer data from all touchpoints into a single,centralized repository.

Which can only takes a few minutes to capture customer data in real-time and enables your agents to provide a great customer experience at all touchpoints and significantly increase the lifetime customer value.

At the end when you have FINALLY achieved your goal, pamper yourself with a grand reward – something that you really wanted and looked forward to.

Here are 3 Simple Tips for Acheiving New Year’s Business Goals

Have trouble holding yourself accountable to your goals?

Here are some simple tips for how you can hold yourself accountable and keep pushing forward towards your business goals.

1. Commit to Your Business Goals

Business Goals

Successful goals start with a strong commitment.

So right at the start, believe that you can accomplish what you have set out to achieve.

Remember, it’s easy to bring limiting thoughts in your mind, especially if you have had a trail of failures behind you that have led you to assume that achieving your goals isn’t realizable for you.

Control your mind and practice positive self-talk.

Write down your goal on paper and carry it with you everywhere for positive reinforcement.

2. Plan Rewards

Business Rewards

It is not about Big reward always. Small rewards are also great for encouragement.

To keep you going during the hardest first days, include some rewards.

Let’s say you have completed the preliminary stage of competitor analysis, reward yourself with a magazine, a pizza treat or whatever makes you happy.

At the end when you have FINALLY achieved your goal, pamper yourself with a grand reward – something that you really wanted and looked forward to.

3. Establish Achievable Goals

Business Rewards

You cannot run before you learn to walk.

So ensure that your goals are realistic to achieve. To be on the safe side, instead of having one BIG goal, break down your goals into smaller achievable units.

This will help you take baby steps and gradually progress in the right direction over the course of time.

Also, you can keep your enthusiasm high throughout the process by celebrating the achievement of every small goal.


While everyone makes New Year plans, most fail to stick to them for more than few weeks. Why is this?

After all, we all have the best intentions and the timing couldn’t be better. Well, the problem is that we focus on just the “what” and not the “how.”

We set the goals but do not plan the specifics of how we are going to accomplish them, or even whether they are realistic and achievable.

This is when we set ourselves up for failure.

Business Qoute

Once you have your New Year goals listed, follow these rules.

This will ensure that you always hold yourself accountable and keep pushing forward towards your goals, without any interruption.

This external motivation and support, along with your internal desire to succeed – is what will bring success to you and your business.

What are your plans and goals for 2017? How do you wish to stick to them?

Share with us your ideas and rules for New Year’s Resolutions…



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