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How to choose crm solution and how to select a crm solution

CRM | by Patricia Jones
Crm for business

How to choose crm solution a discussion unravelling the mysteries of business and corporate growth. Having discussed the first six steps to evaluate a CRM, let’s proceed to the remaining six which will sail you to the right CRM selection.

7. Reports/Key Insights

Think about what metrics you as the business owner/manager need to see – and make sure the CRM you choose will readily provide you with those insights.

  • Deal Acquisition Report

It will include the number of deals registered over a period of time.

  • Deals by expected close date

It will tell you the total number of deals in the pipeline and how much of that amount your business can realistically expect to bring in.

  • Sales Funnel Analysis

It will tell you where your team stands at all points in your sales pipeline and what your business has to lose or gain.

8. Easy import/export of Data

Data import and export is a common activity that takes place while using the CRM. Since data is a key business asset, it cannot be overlooked.

Here are 2 basic queries you need to consider:

  • How well does the CRM document the import/export process?
  • Can users import/export the data by themselves or will they require the IT department?

9. Customization

Your business is unique. Make sure the CRM you choose can adapt to your line of business. For example sales cycle of a real estate agent is different than the sales cycle of a service based company. Consequently, look for a CRM that allows you to customize your reports, drop downs and add custom fields, so it makes sense for your business.

10. Growth & Scalability

Looking for a CRM solution now, in all probability you would not like to go through the same task again in a year. Isn’t it?

Hence, considering this fact, it should be your #1 priority to select a CRM solution that can scale you’re your enterprise. In the words of a CRM strategist – ‘’Irrespective of the nature and size of your business, you have customers to manage, sales to track, marketing to execute and teams to coordinate. Thus, business entrepreneurs should always opt for a CRM solution that is simple to use, intelligent and powerful to benefit the bottom line and most importantly grows with the enterprise.’’

Example – With time, your team will grow and most likely you’ll want to assign different permission sets to different users. In such a scenario, you will benefit only if you have CRM solution that enables you manage sharing of information at different levels.Using role based permissions feature, you can easily create hierarchy and set data security rules on who can access what information, (depending on your business’s evolving need).

11. Automation

Make sure the CRM system you choose is able to reduce redundancy by automating certain tasks.

Key automation features to look out for:

DRIP Automation

ConvergeHub Cloud CRM solution offers DRIP marketing manager which is a powerful tool to schedule your campaign. Using Converge, you just need to set the trigger for the date and set a span for the campaign to run. The rest will be taken care of by Converge DRIP marketing automation.

Task Reminders

You’re busy and you need help staying on top of everything and so you have decided to invest in a CRM right? Find a CRM that allows you to take a quick look at your day’s activities.

In precise you should be able to

  • Schedule, reschedule, organize, add and edit your tasks from a single screen interface of the CRM
  • See forecasts on sales deals
  • Check tasks and projects based on their due dates.
  • Share your calendar with colleagues and acquaintances.
  • Get intimation about upcoming events/meetings.

12. Customer Support

When you’re selecting a CRM, you’re not only selecting a product, you’re selecting a partner. With this thought in mind, you cannot afford to ignore but answer these questions before making the final plunge:

  • How would you rate your interactions with the CRM vendor?
  • What are their customer service and support options?

Note: Most CRM vendors can try to hard sell, only to neglect you once you actually become their customer. Be sure to select the right vendor who shows you the true light to CRM success.

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