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How to use social media effectively for business

Technology | by Patricia Jones
Power of Social Media

Its important to understand how to use social media effectively for business as today’s business houses face a lot more competition than before and to successfully win over it we need the power of social media. Social media has brought in great deal of changes to how businesses were perceived earlier. It is no longer an over-the-counter transaction between the customer and the seller. Most companies are now striving to forge stronger relationship with clients and offer them personalized services and with this the importance of social media is growing. But things are said easier than done. Most brand managers and sales representatives are clueless on how to make their presence visible on social platforms, how to engage clients and how to process the information gathered from these sources.

Leveraging the true power of social media can help small businesses and large enterprises alike to become a social enterprise that is responsive to customer issues. Here is how that can be achieved.

Gather consumer intelligence, not data: Look beyond the immediate contact details that you have updated on the customer relationship management software for small business. Processing the information on social media can offer detailed insight on customer behavior.

You can now automate the process of gathering information from social sites by integrating social platform with CRM. This way you can stay connected to your contacts and dig into their profiles for more information. You can set triggers that will update you whenever a contact updates his profile on social sites.

Make yourself the topic of discussion: Always want to be in the discussions of your followers? Create a worthwhile profile. Engage your clients through interactions; nurture your relationships with them. Words of mouth are still the strongest form of advertisement and social media can help you in benefiting from social word of mouth. Identify the true influencers upon whom you can trust to spread your words; like – successful bloggers, celebrity twitterers etc.

Create engaging content: If you want to gain prominence in social media you must create likable and sharable content. Engaging videos and informative articles that people will like to recommend to their peers will get you more authenticity than creating ad campaigns. Create content that is somewhat funny, witty and useful so that people like to share it.

ConvergeHub is designed as social CRM that brings in the power of social media to your organization. Small businesses in particular are dependent on social media marketing to reach out to targeted customers. To allow our users to introduce the power of social media to their business ConvergeHub has created logins through social accounts. You can login to your Converge CRM account through your Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ account. The CRM will import all the details from your social account to update your user profile. You can further link the social profiles of your leads to receive all their profile updates directly on Converge. This way you will always stay updated on their details, like – job change, address change, marital status change and more. Send appropriate emails to continue your good relationship with them. This way you’d never lose your contacts and will be able to track your leads wherever they are.

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