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Customer Service | by Patricia Jones
Relation Between Customer-Contact-Center-and-CRM

Best call center CRM with customer contact center CRM features, ConvergeHub brings the best for you. It’s important to ensure that the encounter happening between the contact agents and customers is smooth and satisfying (especially for the customers). There have been multiple instances where slightest of glitches on the part of the contact agents have marred the reputation of the business.

For instance, reports suggest that approximately 82 percent of people choose to deal with a company based on their experience with the customer agent. In fact, many admit that their reason of switching brand loyalties is due to poor customer service or a bad experience they have had with a contact center.

In case you think that one or two customer attrition every day does not really affect you. Think again!

In the current era of social media, bad customer experiences are instantly magnified and shared within the online community. Nevertheless you can say that when one customer leaves dissatisfied – 10 to 20 others follow the suit. This leads to brand damage on a massive scale.

To avert such plights, experts strongly advocate the entrepreneurs to make their team equipped enough to handle customers/prospects by all mediums – phone, email, fax and instant messaging. The service should be quick and effective so that the impression that the customer gets is positive. Most importantly, they should always remember that customer/prospect interactions is not a one-time affair. They need to focus on maintaining the same consistency of service quality. Then only will multiple interactions culminate into forming a bright picture of the company and influence the customers’ allegiance towards a particular brand.

The introduction of CRM in the Contact Center

The New-Age Customer Relationship Management solution is one of the best tools that can enable the contact centers to operate in the most efficient and effective manner. In addition to being a customer service CRM software, it operates as an effective tool for managing the sales and marketing activities too. In other words, it’s just not meant to be used for post-sales customer service but sales and marketing contact agents can use it comfortably for dealing and interacting with leads and prospective buyers.

Experts like Tim Carrey have also stated that contact agents require robust enterprise-wide applications like CRM

”That’s because CRM functions as the central repository of customer data. As and when contact agents interact with the customers, they keep updating the same in the CRM. Besides capturing all forms of customer data, all company and product collaterals also get stored within the CRM platform. Eventually, it becomes easy for the agents to quickly access pertinent information about leads, customers, accounts, deals, products and services from the CRM. Moreover while interacting with the customer, agents can pull up the customer’s entire history at once.

Since the whole organization uses the CRM to feed, share and access data – issues like data discrepancy does not crop up. Having accurate, up-to-date information at hand helps the contact agents at providing the best insights to the customers.”

CRM aligns sales, marketing and customer service data together. This primarily benefits in two ways:

First, with 360-degree information present in the CRM, Sales, Marketing and Service professionals get a synopsis of the transaction history to easily identify the most valuable customers who have shown loyalty towards the company for the longest span of time. Inevitably, they prioritize these customers and frame strategies to serve them the best for more long-term relationship building.

In other words, CRM enables the agents to assign value to each customer and determine the type of treatment to be served to them.

Second, with CRM systems, agents are able to provide faster resolution of problems to the customers. Customer relationship management applications help track customer requests and fulfillment to measure the quality of service given and recognize the areas that require improvements.

Since all the insights are easily available and accessible from any Internet-enabled device, they are in a better and more prepared position to help the customer. Moreover, whenever required, customer service representatives can share information and insights across the departments to collaborate with the right associates and better serve the customers. Needless to say, faster and more responsive service results into a satisfying experience for the customers. They develop a strong fidelity towards the brand and want to keep doing business with the company.

In addition to ameliorating the service quality, CRM plays an instrumental role in accelerating the sales figures too. That’s why cloud CRM is also given the name, cloud based sales software. For instance, information about customers purchase histories and transactions serve as a handy resource for the sales reps to comprehend short-term and long-term purchase trends. Companies can act on these insights and frame precise cross-selling and up-selling strategies.

In similar ways, marketing reps too can use the data resource to use for marketing programs and advertising campaigns.

Final Thoughts

The insights gained from CRM equally benefits sales, marketing and customer service areas. It empowers contact agents to answer customer inquiries and handle a variety of sales and marketing actions, that includes campaign-based and sales queries and product recommendations.

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