Alexa Working With A Reduced Sales Team? 5 Reasons You Need A CRM For Small Business

Working With A Reduced Sales Team? 5 Reasons Why You Need A CRM For Small Business

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The entire global economy has slowed down because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sales have fallen, and businesses have to work with reduced Sales Teams. 64% of businesses are reporting a moderate decrease in sales pipeline while 16% are reporting a significant reduction. The top reasons for the shrinking sales pipeline are businesses compelled to reduce their Sales teams due to budget compulsions and sales personnel working from home.

And, It’s a lot worse for small businesses.

If your business is facing a similar situation too, there’s a way to make your smaller sales team better and mightier than any sales team and bring your sales pipeline to life again.

With a CRM for Small Business.

“But do I need a CRM? We are managing fine with our excel sheets and mobile phones.” Well, there’s a reason, and not one but five, why your team needs a CRM for small business more than ever.

5 Reasons Why A CRM For Small Business Is A Must

1. Drives SalesForce Automation

You may be working with a small team but you don’t want to miss out on available sales opportunities, do you?. According to Mckinsey, over 30% of sales-related activities can be automated. Automation can help you do more in less time with lesser efforts. A top CRM software can help you automate a lot of your activities and ramp up your productivity even with a reduced sales team. Activities like generating a quote, checking the past buying history of a customer or previous orders, etc., that take your sales team hours to do can be done in a few minutes.

Sales force automation with CRM

2. Convert Leads Faster

When leads are difficult to come by, you need to improve your lead conversion rate and convert them fast. Sales responsiveness is key to converting your leads. Research shows that 50% of buyers choose the vendors that respond first. A CRM software can enable creating alerts to your Sales Reps whenever a new lead enters into your system. This way he can respond faster and convert the prospect into a customer.

A CRM also allows you to build a lead management process to convert leads better.

Sales CRM for Small Business

3. Run Highly Targeted Campaigns

As sales opportunities dry up, every company is aggressively pursuing the prospects. A one-size-fits-all lead generation method will not deliver expected results. You need to run focused and personalized campaigns to reach prospects with higher potential for conversion.

A CRM for small businesses can give your team capabilities to process volumes of customer data, segment them into various categories, and then run highly targeted email campaigns. You can use ready-to-use email templates, schedule your campaigns and automate them.

And the results can be surprising!

Email open rates CRM

4. Improve Engagement With Existing Customers

In our quest to find new customers, we often forget the value of our existing customer base. These are people who have tested and trusted your product. Happy customers can give you repeat business. But more than that they can promote your business to their friends. A real treasure trove!

Most of the small businesses are not able to drive engagement with their customers. An occasional phone call from your sales reps is not enough. A CRM can help you regularly engage with your customers so that whenever there’s a need for your product/service, your company name is at the top of his/her mind. You can even run and manage a referral program using a CRM and convert your customers into brand advocates.

5. Prepare For The Future

Businesses were adopting various digital technologies before Covid-19. The pandemic has only accelerated the digital transformation of businesses. The same is with Sales. Most of the sales activities have gone online and experts believe it will be the new normal. A CRM can be the backbone of your digital transformation journey and help you go digital faster.

A good small business CRM allows you to integrate it with other software and apps such as billing, accounting, and even telephone systems. You can make it the central hub of your Sales Teams.

Ready to try a CRM!

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