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Small Business Marketing for Black Friday

Marketing | by Patricia Jones

Timing is everything.

Understand the logic of where and when to find your customers heavily weighs on your skills as you develop your holiday marketing strategy, which is especially true if you are working with a limited budget.

Hence for an example, the time to start building and executing your Holiday Season’s is now.

If you wait to launch a Black Friday or a Christmas page until the last week of the upcoming events, you will miss the bulk in your potential traffic. Why?

It is because of this simple reason that people will be looking for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas and New Year’s items well before these festive days. Moreover, the web page you have created or added to your web site with the purpose of promoting your business during these holidays needs sufficient time to begin ranking and getting indexed by Google and other search engines.

So plan ahead.

Be really goofy and creative with your holiday promotion strategies. One thing that you must remember about the holidays is that general people remains usually in a good mood during these celebrated days of the years. Therefore, people look forward to getting away from the hustle-and-bustle of their daily mundane lifestyle during these days and actually spend quality time with their families. This means if you are promoting your holiday promotions for a faster response in your social media channels, your publications need to be in a good mood as well, as personification is fun sometimes. Hence, even if your brand’s voice is not usually humorous, use the holidays during this time of the year as an excuse to get a little lighter.

Here is an illustration how you can manage your holiday promotions and strategize your Black Friday plans in a few different ways:

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